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Air Raid, Nuclear Alert, or Surprise Attack

If an enemy attack is imminent, the AHC Police Department will make an evacuation announcement. In the event of a surprise attack and a bright flash appears, immediately do the following:

    • Outside: DROP to the ground, FACE DOWN, and COVER your head with your arms.
    • Inside: Take COVER under the nearest table or desk, or lie flat on the floor, face down, along a wall. Avoid glass areas.
  • Move inside a major concrete building after a shock wave. Keep away from any outside exposure. Inside locations above the first floor and below the top floor will provide adequate fallout protection.
  • FLASH the LIGHTS ON and OFF for deaf and hard of hearing people that might be in the building.
  • AHC Police Department will provide necessary information and assistance.
    Report all problems to designated emergency personnel.
    To contact the AHC Police Department dial, ext. 3911 (Santa Maria Campus) or ext. 5911 (Lompoc Valley Center).
    From your cell phone, call Santa Maria Police Dispatch at 925-2631, or Lompoc Police Dispatch at 736-4511.
  • Additional information is available on the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) on local AM radio frequencies.
  • If you have been asked to vacate, do not return to a building until told to do so by the AHC Police Department personnel or the administrator in charge.