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Allies for Equity

Professional Development Team is excited to extend an opportunity for faculty to take a deep dive into your course data with your discipline and/or department experts.  

Through this opportunity you will be able to develop an action plan with your fellow faculty members to close the equity gaps for your students! 

Participation in this opportunity is on a voluntary basis but you will be compensated based on your current collective bargaining agreement.  

Equity gaps in higher education are barriers that many students are facing. Without a collaborative approach to identifying and mitigating these gaps, they will continue to widen.  The Allies for Equity program is designed to give faculty space and resources to collaborate with each other and encourage open dialog regarding teaching and grading within your own disciplines. You are encouraged to be introspective, inquisitive, collaborative, and open-minded. Ally with your peers to make a positive change in your program.  

  • To become equity experts within our disciplines.  
  • Increase course completion rates with specific focus on disproportionally impacted populations.  
  • Increase program completion rate with specific focus on disproportionally impacted populations.  
  • Collaborate with other faculty members. 

  • Minimum of three faculty participants
    • including one part-time member and one full time member
    • all department faculty must be invited to participate
  • Participants will meet in small groups on a monthly basis for mentorship and collaboration of best practices in response to topics discussed within but not limited to the Student Equity and Achievement Plan (SEAP), Guided Pathways and Title V.  
  • 10 semester hours encouraged.
  • Participation in this opportunity is on a voluntary basis but you will be compensated based on your current collective bargaining agreement.  
  • 2- semester commitment
  • Summary report (see "forms") due to Guided Pathways committee, department, and necessary stakeholders/ semester. Payment processed upon completion of summary report.  

  1. Form a team (email department, conduct an interest survey) 
    • It is recommended to work in groups of 3-4.  If you have larger groups that would like to participate, we recommend splitting into sub-groups (based on meeting availability or preferred focus area) 
  2. Submit a funding request form (via email to 
    • Janet McGee will process the individual stipend request forms for faculty. Make sure to indicate the first and last names, email addresses, and FT or PT for each participant.   
  3. Choose a focus for your cohort.  Some ideas are as available in the "resources" tab.
  4. Semester 1:  Research, plan, analyze evaluate.  Create an action plan.  Fill out summary report (see "forms")
  5. Semester 2: Implement changes, review & assess.  Fill out summary report (see "forms")

  • CSEA
    • Classified PD Funding Request Packet
  • Faculty
  • PT Faculty
  • Sup/Con
  • Management

Data Sources

  1. AHC Data Dashboards 
  2. External Data Dashboards   

Project ideas 

  1. Equity in Grading #1 – review several syllabi in your program, including your own and maybe from other colleges.  Talk about how final grades are calculated.  What do you notice? 
  2. Equity in Grading #2 – communally grade an assignment.  It can be any assignment.  Talk about what you think is important, less important and why you scored the assignment that way. 
  3. Equity in the classroom #1 – pick one or two topics and collectively create an assignment.  Talk about what concepts to include or what types of activities you can use.  
  4. Create your own!  

Interest Survey Sample Questions 

  1. Name 
  2. Program 
  3. Full Time or Part Time 
  4. Would you be interested in participating in an Allies for Equity Group? 
  5. What is your availability?  

For questions regarding the Allies for Equity program or how to get your team started, contact Professional Development Co-Lead, Liz West at

For help understanding or accessing data, reach out to your success team data coach or a member of our Institutional Effectiveness Department.

For assistance with your paperwork or stipends, contact Janet McGee at