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Graphic Identity Standards

Graphic Identity Standards 2022 Cover

Graphic Identity Standards

The college's Graphic Identity Standards serve to provide consistency in the graphic identity of Allan Hancock College. The standards outline proper use of college colors, fonts, and logos (both official college logo and Spike the mascot), and provides guidance on college apparel, photography, and ADA compliance.

AHC Logo Policies

AHC logos may only be used with prior authorization from the Public Affairs & Communications Department. Please send an email to and indicate the justification(s) for logo use in your email. 

If the PAC Department authorizes logo useage, please note the following:

  • Manipulated configurations of the logo are unacceptable and may not be used in any publication or application.
  • The icon portion of the logo (sometimes called the "flame" or "tree" icon) should never be used alone.
  • The icon and the college name must be married and used as one unit.
  • Do not stretch or bend a logo to fit the space. The logo's dimensions must not be altered.

AHC School colors are Blue & Gold:

For web: Hexadecimal = Blue: #004988 Gold: #FFCD00

For print: Gold = PMS 116 U and C for regular inks
Blue = PMS 286 Blue for all occasions