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EOPS Department Staff

Position  Name Email/Phone 
Director, EOPS/CARE/NextUp & CalWORKs Vanessa Dominguez 
805-922-6966 x3641

CalWORKs/Rising Scholars Coordinator Edwin Hodges
805-922-6966 x3868 or x5247

CARE/NextUp, Guardian Scholars Coordinator Alex Spiess
805-922-6966 x3978

EOPS Programs Assistant

Stephen Bernardo
805-922-6966 x3640


Lydia Maxwell
805-922-6966 x3332

Counselor Sandra Kramer
805-922-6966 x3409
Counselor Juanita Tuan
805-922-6966 x3646

Counselor Kiri Villa
805-922-6966 x3644

LVC EOPS Specialist/Counseling Assistant (A-Z) Joanna Davis
805-922-6966 x5249

EOPS Specialist (A-L) Joe Adams
805-922-6966 x3858

EOPS/CalWORKs Specialist (M-R)

CARE/NextUp Specialist

Stacy Krelle
805-922-6966 x3870

EOPS Specialist (R-S) Lilian Ojeda
805-922-6966 x3645

EOPS/CalWORKs Office Services Technician

Nancy Uvias Alcantar
EOPS Main Line: 805-922-6966 x3214/3623
Direct Line: 805-922-6966 x3855