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Where can I find a summary of your project?

A description of the grant project can be found on the U.S. Department of Education Open Textbooks Pilot Program website

Which courses will you develop as oer?

We will do a gap analysis prior to the start of each academic year to determine what high-enrolled courses at our four institutions are lacking OER textbooks. Since new OER is being created around the world all the time, we will reevaluate where the gaps are on a regular basis.

Will you develop courses or textbooks as oer?

Both! Our main focus is creating peer-reviewed textbooks that align with a DEI framework and we have several faculty who also will be creating courses and/or ancillary materials to go with their textbooks. 

Where can i find the oer that you produce?

Once complete, we will provide files and/or links to the finalized OER right here on this website. Courses also will be discoverable in Canvas Commons.

how does oer relate to dei?

The open licenses on OER allow them to be adapted to be more diverse, promoting equity and inclusion in the classroom. All OER materials created through this grant will be done so using a DEI lens. Faculty around the globe can revise and remix the content so that it remains culturally responsive for any setting.

how does the project help students?

When costly textbooks are created for high-enrolled courses, the cost-savings for those students are abundant. Students have day-one access with OER and can keep their access after the course end date. The OER textbooks created by CC ECHO also will be aligned with a DEI framework, which can help students see themselves and feel included in the learning materials and the classroom.