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Contact Information

Career Center Front Desk

Student Services Building A, Room A207 
800 South College Drive 
Santa Maria, CA 93454-6399 
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3374 
FAX 805-347-1256

Heidi Khaykham
Career Center Program Specialist
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3271

Dee Dee Escalante-Ramirez
Office Services Tech: College Corps
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3703

Frankie Maldonado
Career Center Specialist: College Corps
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3198

Kenneth Perez
Career Center Specialist: College Corps
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3012

Alyssa Stovall
Career Readiness Specialist: Business Partnerships
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3513

Julia Sokolovska
Early College Coordinator
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3354

Adelina Pozos
Career Center Coordinator
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3546

Maria Ramirez CamachoCareer Readiness Specialist: Cooperative Work Experience1-805-922-6966 ext

Dr. Earl Murray Jr.Project Director (Interim)1-805-922-6966 ext

Career Counselors are available to assist students with discovering their major, interpreting career assessment test results, and developing education plans appropriate to the individual's career goal. Career counselors support the goal of counseling services to assist students in achieving their goals, including academic, career, and personal development.

Dr. David Hernandez
Career Counselor
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3707

Krystle Navarrette
Career Counselor
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3811