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Embedding a YouTube Video on the Site

Videos on a website can help clarify information or be used as an additional resource, however they should never be used to take the place of content on the site. They should also be used sparingly because they take up a lot of website real-estate, and most of the time website users choose to ignore embedded videos. Keep these things in mind in your web editing decisions. 

You can embed a YouTube video on the Hancock website as long as it meets the following criteria: 

  • It has been approved by Hancock's Public Affairs and Communications Department
  • It has been uploaded to the Hancock YouTube Channel
  • It has been closed captioned with subtitles
  • You have permission to access html on your OU Campus WYSIWYG editor
  • You may only embed one video per page (unless you have permission to otherwise from web services)

If you have any questions about how to accomplish this criteria, please email 

Steps to Embed a Video

  1. Visit the video on the Hancock YouTube channel
  2. Click on the Share link below the video
  3. Click on Embed
  4. Copy the html code that displays using CTRL C
  5. Open up the page you want to add the video to and login to OU Campus
  6. Click on the green Main Content edit button and decide where you want the video to be embedded. 
    Hint: put a row of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX or something that will catch your eye as a placeholder to make it easier to find where to paste the html code. 
  7. Click on the <> tool in the toolbar (If you don't have this tool you will need permission from the web services specialist)
  8. Paste the html code that you copied from YouTube using CTRL V over the top of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, or whatever you used as a visual placeholder.
  9. Save and submit