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Editing the Navigation

Changing the navigation is very similar to making changes on a normal page. There is a Heading 3 with the title of the site and a bulleted list of navigation items. The Title of the navigation should be hyperlinked to your site's index page. The remaining items should be in alphabetical order and provide an easy way for users to navigate to the various pages in your site.

Watch a video demonstration

Note: In order for the navigation to display properly the title of the navigation should be set as Heading 3 followed by a bulleted list of your navigation items.

  1. Navigate to the site on the website that you would like to make changes to and login
  2. Click on the Pages link on the top left of the page
  3. Click on the file
  4. Make any changes to the text on the navigation as needed
  5. Highlight the bulleted text and click on the insert/edit link (chain) tool to hyperlink the text to the page you would like to link to
  6. Use the browse button next to the Link URL space to select the page (important: always use the browse button to link to pages in your own site, only copy and paste URLs from different sites.)
  7. If you are linking to an external site, paste the URL in the URL space and set Target to Open in New Window (only do this for links going outside of the Hancock public website)
  8. Click the insert button
  9. Click the insert button again
  10. Save and submit