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Uploading Documents onto an Advisory Committee Page

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  1. Log in by scrolling to the bottom of the pages and clicking on “Last Modified”
  2. On the top left of the page click on Back to Pages
  3. Click on the folder titled doclib
  4. Make sure your document is saved ahead of time on your computer as a PDF with the correct naming convention, YYYY-MM-DD Committee Document.pdf (e.g. 2021-09-21 Agriculture Advisory Committee Agenda.pdf). The documents will display in descending order.
  5. Click the UPLOAD button at the top right hand side of the page
  6. Drag the documents into the window or click ADD
  7. Browse to where the document is saved on your computer
  8. Click on Open/Insert
  9. Click Start Upload
  10. Once the document has been uploaded you will see it in the folder flagged with the status Unpublished
  11. Click to check the checkbox next to any unpublished files and then click Publish above the list of files.
  12. Click the green Publish A window will pop up in the corner letting you know that the document has published.
  13. Once the documents have been published they will automatically show up on the page after five minutes.