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2022 Spring Credit Classes

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Questions about COVID-19 and the spring semester? Check the college's COVID site for the most up-to-date information.

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Full -Time FREE at AHC

The Hancock Promise Plus allows all students who enroll in 12 units or more and takes at least one in-person class to receive FREE tuition for the 2021-22 and 2022-2023 academic years. This includes new, continuing and returning students. 


Locations Legend:

SM  – Class taught in person at the Santa Maria campus.

LVC – Class taught in person at the Lompoc Valley Center.

O – Class taught online with no scheduled meeting times.

L – Class taught virtually via a video conferencing platform like Zoom during scheduled meeting times.

OFF – Concurrent Enrollment and off-site classes. College-credit bearing courses taught to high school students by college-approved high school teachers at the high school campus. Visit for spring 2021 classes offered by high school.

Note: Some classes may be taught Hybrid (a combination of in person and OnlineLIVE formats). See the online Class Search for classes indicated as hybrid.



ACCT 105 Introduction to Accounting SM
ACCT 131 Financial Accounting 1 SM / O
ACCT 132 Financial Accounting 2 SM / O
ACCT 140 Managerial Accounting SM / O
ACCT 150 Intro to Acct Info Systems O
ACCT 160 Intro Fin Statement Analysis O
ACCT 318 Bookkeeping 2 SM
ACCT 327 Payroll Accounting SM
AJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice SM / LVC / L
AJ 102 Criminal Procedures SM / LVC
AJ 103 Concepts of Criminal Law SM / LVC
AJ 104 Legal Aspects of Evidence SM / L
AJ 105 Community Relations SM / L
AJ 111 Criminal Investigation SM
AJ 120 Juvenile Law and Procedures SM
AJ 130 Intro to Corrections SM / LVC
AJ 150 Introduction to Forensics SM
AJ 315 Introduction to Criminology SM
AG 100 Intro to Ag Studies and Career SM
AG 130 Integrated Pest Management SM
AG 152 Introduction to Animal Science SM
AG 153 Introduction to Sustainable Ag SM
AG 156 Intro to Environmental Horticulture SM
AG 157 Ag Sales, Communication & Lead SM
AG 160 Plant Propagation & Production SM
AG 163 Economic Entomology SM
AG 315 Fertilizers & Plant Nutrition SM
ASL 120 American Sign Language 1 SM / LVC
ASL 121 American Sign Language 2 L
ASL 138 History of Deaf SM
ANTH 101 Intro to Biological Anthro SM / O
ANTH 102 Intro to Cultural Anthro SM / O
ANTH 103 Intro to Archeology O
ANTH 110 Biological Anthropology Lab O
APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING See Class Search for program requirements
ARCH 112 Arch. Graphics & Design II L
ARCH 122 Architectural Drawing 2 L
ARCH 152 Architectural Design Studio II L
ARCH 160 Digital Tools in Architecture L
ARCH 321 International Building Code SM
ART 101 Art Appreciation SM / LVC / L / O
ART 104 Art Hist Renaissance to Modern SM
ART 105 Art History-Art of Mexico O
ART 108 Design 1 on the Computer SM
ART 110 Design 1 SM
ART 115 Introduction to Animation SM
ART 120 Drawing 1 SM / OFF
ART 121 Drawing 2 SM
ART 122 Life Drawing 1 SM
ART 123 Life Drawing 2 SM
ART 137 Life Drawing 3 SM
ART 151 Painting 1 SM
ART 152 Painting 2 SM
ART 153 Painting 3 SM
ART 160 Ceramics 1 SM
ART 161 Ceramics 2 SM
ART 162 Ceramics 3 SM
ART 163 Ceramic Workshop SM
ASTR 100 Elementary Astronomy SM / LVC
ATH 104 Care/Prevention-Ath Injuries SM
ATH 106 Orthopedic Injury Assess/Rehab SM
AB 117 Print Reading & Interpretation SM
AB 300 Shop Math and Measurement SM
AB 351 Auto Body Metal SM
AB 353 Auto Body Repair SM
AB 354 Selected Auto Body Paint Proj SM
AB 355 Selected Auto Body Metal Proj SM
AB 356 Automotive Painting Techniques SM
AB 358 Automotive Refinishing SM
AT 100 Automotive Fundamentals SM
AT 117 Print Reading & Interpretation SM
AT 300 Shop Math and Measurement SM
AT 303 Automotive Electricity SM
AT 306 Auto Air Conditioning Systems SM
AT 314 Suspension and Alignment SM
AT 324 Automatic Transmissions SM
AT 334 Automotive Machining 1 SM
AT 343 Engine Performance/Diagnosis SM
AT 344 Emission Control/BAR CAC SM
BIOL 100 Introductory Biology SM / LVC / O
BIOL 120 Humans & the Environment SM / O
BIOL 124 Human Anatomy SM / LVC
BIOL 125 Human Physiology SM / O
BIOL 128 Microbiology SM / LVC
BIOL 132 Marine Biology SM
BIOL 150 Cellular Biology SM
BIOL 154 General Botany SM
BUS 101 Introduction to Business SM / LVC / O / L
BUS 102 Marketing O / L
BUS 104 Business Organization & Mgmt O
BUS 106 Small Business Management O
BUS 107 Human Relations in Business O
BUS 110 Business Law O / L
BUS 121 Business Economics O
BUS 130 Consumer and Family Finance O
BUS 140 Survey of International Business L
BUS 141 Global Economics O
BUS 160 Business Communications O / L
BUS 363 Management: Conflict L
BUS 369 Employment Law L
BUS 370 Ethics and Integrity L
BUS 371 Sexual Harassment Law L
BUS 372 Workplace Diversity L
BUS 396 Performance Measurement L
CBIS 101 Computer Concepts & Apps O / L
CBIS 108 Networking and Administration O
CBIS 112 Intro to Visual Basic Program O
CBIS 141 Microsoft Excel-Comprehensive O / L
CBIS 142 Microsoft Access-Comprehensive O
CBIS 310 Info Security Awareness for Bus O
CBIS 337 Presentation Design-PowerPoint O
CBOT 100 Keyboarding O
CBOT 131 Intro to Word Processing O
CBOT 132 Advanced Word Processing O
CBOT 302 Records Management O
CBOT 305 Legal Office Procedures O
CBOT 312 Keyboarding Speed & Development O
CBOT 333 Business Desktop Publishing O
CBOT 334 Admin Office Procedures O
CBOT 337 Presentation Design-PowerPoint O
CHEM 110 Chemistry and Society O
CHEM 120 Introductory Chemistry SM / LVC / L
CHEM 140 Intro Organic Chemistry SM
CHEM 150 General Chemistry 1 SM / LVC
CHEM 151 General Chemistry 2 SM / LVC
CHEM 181 Organic Chemistry II SM
CS 102 Intro to Computing with HTML O
CS 111 Fundamentals of Programming 1 SM / O
CS 112 Fundamentals of Programming 2 SM / O
CS 131 Computer Organization SM
CS 161 Discrete Structures SM / O
COSMETOLOGY See Class Search for program requirements
COOPERATIVE WORK EXPERIENCE See Class Search for program requirements
CA 119 Intro to Hospitality Industry O
CA 121 Basic Baking and Pastry SM
CA 122 Advanced Baking and Pastry SM
CA 123 Principles of Food 2 SM
CA 124 Sanitation, Safety & Equipment O
CA 126 Food Production Cost, Control O
CA 325 Specialty Cakes SM
DANC 101 Dance Appreciation SM / O
DANC 120 Beginning Ballet SM
DANC 121 Intermediate Ballet SM
DANC 125 Advanced Ballet SM
DANC 133 Hip Hop Dance SM
DANC 138 Intermediate Hip Hop Dance SM
DANC 140 Beginning Folklórico SM
DANC 142 Intermediate Folklórico SM
DANC 148 Folklórico Concert Production SM
DANC 152 Beginning Tap SM
DANC 153 Intermediate Tap SM
DANC 171 Dance Composition/Choreography SM
DANC 182 Technical Production Lab SM
DANC 185 Intro to Performance Skills SM
DENTAL ASSISTING See Class Search for program requirements
DRMA 103 Introduction to Theatre SM
DRMA 104 Acting I SM
DRMA 106 Acting II SM
DRMA 128 Stage Makeup L
ECS 100 Child Growth and Development SM / O / L
ECS 101 Child, Family and Community SM / O
ECS 102 Child Health, Safety & Nutrition SM / O
ECS 104 Principles and Practices LVC / O
ECS 105 Observation and Assessment SM / L
ECS 106 Intro to EC Curriculum SM / O
ECS 112 Intro Young Child with Sp Needs O
ECS 115 Infant/Toddler Care and Education SM
ECS 116 Teaching in a Diverse Society O
ECS 118 Practicum: Preschool SM
ECS 119 Practicum: Infant/Toddler SM
ECS 120 Adult Supervision Mentor ECE O
ECS 122 Positive Child Guidance SM
ECS 130 Exploring Teaching SM / O
ECS 132 Child Identity and Learning O
ECS 150 Admin II Pers Leader in ECE O
ECS 310 Art for Young Child SM
ECS 311 Creating Learning Materials SM
ECS 312 Music Activities for Young Children SM
ECON 101 Principles of Macro-Economics SM / OFF / O
ECON 102 Principles of Micro-Economics SM / O
ECON 121 Business Economics O
ECON 130 Consumer and Family Finance O
ECON 141 Global Economics O
EDUC 130 Exploring Teaching SM / O
EDUC 132 Child Identity and Learning O
EL 106 Networking Essentials 1 SM
EL 122 Electronic Devices & Circuits SM
EL 123 Electronic Devices & Circ Lab SM
EL 128 Intro to Renewable Energy SM
EL 146 Elec Product Design & Fabrication SM
EL 320 A+ Certification SM
EMS 102 First Aid & Safety SM / LVC
EMS 130 Principles of Emergency Mgmt. O
EMS 301 EMS Academy - 1A (EMT) LVC
EMS 306 CPR for Health care Providers SM / LVC
EMS 319 Emergency Resp. to Terrorism O
EMS 401 EMT 1 (Basic) Refresher O
EMS 413 EMT 1-B Skills Ref Mod-D LVC
EMSP 300 Anatomy & Physiology for LVC
ENGR 100 Introduction to Engineering SM
ENGR 126 Matlab for Science/Engineering SM
ENGR 154 Dynamics SM
ENGR 156 Strength of Materials SM
ENGR 170 Electric Circuit Analysis SM
ENGR 171 Electric Circuit Lab SM
ET 100 Computer-Aided Drafting SM
ET 117 Print Reading & Interpretation SM
ET 145 Advanced Engineering Drawing SM
ET 160 Digital Tools in Architecture L
ET 300 Shop Math and Measurement SM
ENGL 100 Writing in Career/Tech Fields O
ENGL 101 Freshman Comp: Exposition SM / LVC / O
ENGL 102 Freshman Comp: Literature SM / O
ENGL 103 Critical Thinking & Composition SM / LVC / O / L
ENGL 106 Creative Writing LVC / O
ENGL 108 Literary Arts Journal 2 O
ENGL 110 Grammar for College and Career O
ENGL 112 Transfer Engl. Composition Skills SM / LVC / O
ENGL 113 Introduction to Critical Reading SM
ENGL 131 American Lit 1865 to Present O
ENGL 137 Children's Literature O
ENGL 138 Introduction to Shakespeare O
ENGL 146 British Lit 1800 to Present O
ENGL 312 Reading Skills and Strategies SM
ENGL 510 Improving Reading Comprehension SM
ESL 110 Introduction to Critical Reading SM
ESL 310 Reading Skills and Strategies SM
ESL 510 Improving Reading Comprehension SM
ESL 537 Intermediate Reading for ESL SM
ESL 538 Intermediate Writing for ESL SM
ESL 540 Advanced Reading for ESL SM
ESL 541 Advanced Writing for ESL SM
ESL 544 Advanced Conversation for ESL SM
ESL 551 Intermediate Grammar for ESL SM
ESL 552 Advanced Grammar for ESL L
ENTR 101 Intro to Entrepreneurship L
ENVT 152 ID & Assessment of HazMat SM
ENVT 156 First Response Operational LVC
ENVT 158 Haz Wastes and Emissions Reduction SM
ENVT 160 Air & Water Pollution Permit SM
ENVT 450 HAZWOPER - Refresher 8hr SM
ES 121 African American History L
FCS 130 Consumer and Family Finance O
FCS 131 Life Management SM
FASH 102 Fashion Design Analysis SM
FASH 104 Historic Fashion/Costume SM
FASH 110 Apparel Construction 1 SM / OFF
FILM 101 Film Art & Communication LVC / O / L
FILM 102 Hollywood & the American Film O / L
FILM 103 Contemporary Latin American Film O
FILM 105 Film and Television Writing I O
FILM 110 Intro Motion Picture/Video Pro SM / OFF
FILM 115 Introduction to Animation SM
FILM 116 Intermediate Animation SM
FILM 121 Sound Production Techniques SM
FILM 125 Computer Video Editing SM
FT 101 Fire Protection Organization O
FT 102 Fire Prevention Technology O
FT 103 Fire Protection Equipment Syst O
FT 104 Build Construction/Fire Protect O
FT 105 Fire Behavior & Combustion O
FT 106 Princ. of Fire & Emergency Safety and Survival O
FT 107 Apparatus and Equipment O
FT 130 Principles of Emergency Mgmt. O
FT 307 Firefighter 1 Academy 1A LVC
FT 308 Firefighter 1 Academy 1B LVC
FT 310 Fire Service Physical Fitness LVC
FT 319 Emergency Resp to Terrorism O
FT 341 Fire Hydraulics O
FSN 109 Basic Nutrition for Health SM / O
FSN 110 Nutrition Science SM / O
FSN 112 Nutrition/Wgt. Mgmt./Eating Disorders O
FSN 133 Introduction to Food Science SM
FSN 134 Food/Nutrition/Customs/Culture SM
FRCH 101 Elementary French SM
GEOG 101 Physical Geography SM / O
GEOG 102 Human Geography O
GEOG 103 World Regional Geography SM / O
GEOL 100 Physical Geology SM / OFF
GEOL 114 Oceanography SM
GBST 141 Global Economics O
GRPH 108 Design 1 on the Computer SM
GRPH 110 Introduction to Graphic Design SM
GRPH 111 Digital Imagery Lab SM
GRPH 112 Digital Imagery SM
GRPH 113 Digital Illustration SM
GRPH 114 Digital Illustration Lab SM
GRPH 115 Digital Design & Publishing SM
GRPH 116 Digital Portfolio SM
GRPH 120 Advanced Design for Publishing SM
GRPH 121 Advanced Design for Publishing SM
GRPH 125 Digital Design & Publishing La SM
GRPH 129 Digital Tools for Visual Media SM
GRPH 130 3D Modeling for Production L
HED 100 Health and Wellness SM / LVC / O
HIST 101 World Civilizations to 1600 SM / O
HIST 102 World Civilizations Since 1500 O
HIST 104 Western Civilizations to 1650 SM / O
HIST 105 Western Civilization Since 165 O
HIST 107 US History to 1877 SM / O
HIST 108 U S History 1877 to Present SM / LVC / O
HIST 118 U S History SM / LVC / O
HIST 119 History of California SM / O
HIST 138 History of Deaf SM
HUSV 101 Introduction to Human Services SM
HUSV 102 Case Management Skills SM
HUSV 103 Basic Counseling Skills SM
HUSV 104 Group Dynamics L
HUSV 106 Fam Systems, Addiction, Trauma SM
HUSV 107 Serving Culturally Diverse Cli SM
HUSV 108 Crisis Intervention Skills L
HUSV 110 Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction SM
HUSV 113 Women and Addiction SM
HUSV 120 Human Services (General) Pract L
HUSV 121 Human Servc Gen Prac Seminar L
HUSV 127 Emotional Intelligence SM
HUSV 130 Addiction Studies Practicum L
HUSV 131 Addiction Studies Prac Seminar L
HUSV 140 Co-occurring Disorders Practicum L
HUSV 141 Co-Occ Disorders Prac Seminar L
HUSV 143 Co-occ Disorders: Treatment O
HUSV 150 Family Studies Practicum L
HUSV 151 Family Studies Prac Seminar L
HUSV 160 Family Service Worker 2 Practi L
HUSV 161 Family Serv Wrk 2 Prac Seminar L
HUM 101 World Civilizations to 1600 SM / O
HUM 102 World Civilizations Since 1500 O
HUM 104 Western Civilizations to 1650 SM / O
HUM 105 Western Civilization Since 1650 O
INTD 171 Interior Design Materials SM
LAW ENFORCEMENT See Class Search for program requirements
LDER 111 Prin/Prac Student Government SM
LDER 112 Prac/App of Leadership Principles SM
LBRY 170 Research Methods O
MT 109 Survey of Machining and Mfg. SM
MT 110 CNC G Code SM
MT 112 CNC Multi-Axis SM
MT 114 SolidWorks 2 SM
MT 116 Mastercam 1 (CAD/CAM) SM
MT 117 Print Reading & Interpretation SM
MT 300 Shop Math and Measurement SM
MATH 100 Nature of Modern Mathematics SM
MATH 105 Mathematics for Teachers SM
MATH 121 Trigonometry SM
MATH 123 Elementary Statistics SM / LVC / O
MATH 123S Support for Math 123: Elem SM / LVC
MATH 131 College Algebra SM / O
MATH 131S Support for Math 131: College SM
MATH 135 Calculus with Applications SM
MATH 135S Support for Math 135: Calc w/A SM
MATH 141 Pre-calculus SM / LVC / O
MATH 141S Support for Math 141: Pre-calc SM
MATH 181 Calculus 1 SM / O
MATH 182 Calculus 2 SM / LVC
MATH 183 Multivariable Calculus SM
MATH 184 Linear Algebra Diff Equations SM / O
MATH 309 Algebra and Math Literacy SM / LVC
MATH 311 Algebra 1 SM / LVC / O
MATH 321 First Year Geometry SM
MATH 331 Algebra 2 SM / LVC / O
MATH 331S Support for Math 331: Algebra SM / O
MATH 521 Foundations of Mathematics SM
MEDICAL ASSISTING See Class Search for program requirements
MB 360 Medical Billing & Insurance L
MB 361 Coding for Medical Insurance SM
MMAC 101 Introduction to Multimedia SM
MMAC 102 Introduction to Multimedia Lab SM
MMAC 114 Game and App Design L
MMAC 115 Introduction to Animation SM
MMAC 116 Intermediate Animation SM
MMAC 125 Computer Video Editing SM
MMAC 129 Digital Tools for Visual Media SM
MUS 100 Music Appreciation O
MUS 102 Music History Classical-Modern L
MUS 104 Roots of Pop, Rock, Jazz L
MUS 106 World Music Appreciation O
MUS 112 Music Theory 2 L
MUS 114 Music Theory 4 L
MUS 116 Sound Production Techniques SM
MUS 117 MIDI Technology & Application SM
MUS 119 Electronic Music Technique SM
MUS 120 Piano 2 SM
MUS 121 Piano 3 SM
MUS 122 Piano 4 SM
MUS 123 Voice 2 SM
MUS 124 Voice 3 SM
MUS 125 Beginning Guitar SM
MUS 126 Intermediate Guitar SM
MUS 127 Voice 4 SM
MUS 128 Piano 1 SM
MUS 129 Voice 1 SM
MUS 130 Mixed Ensemble SM
MUS 132 Masterworks Chorale SM
MUS 133 Chamber Voices SM
MUS 137 Concert Chorale SM
MUS 140 Symphonic Band SM
MUS 151 Concert Band SM
NURSING See Class Search for program requirements
PLGL 105 Legal Analysis and Writing L
PLGL 109 Family Law L
PLGL 111 Tort Law for Paralegals L
PD 100 Personal & Career Exploration SM / O
PD 101 Success in College SM / LVC
PD 115 Career Planning O
PHIL 101 Survey of Philosophy SM / O
PHIL 102 Existence & Reality SM
PHIL 105 Ethics SM / O
PHIL 112 Logic O
PHIL 114 Critical Thinking SM / O
PHIL 121 Religions of the Modern World SM / O
PHTO 101 History of Photography SM
PHTO 110 Basic Photography SM
PHTO 140 Intro to Color Photography SM
PHTO 170 Digital Photography SM
PHTO 380 Black and White Photo Lab 1 SM
PHTO 381 Black and White Photo Lab 2 SM
PHTO 382 Color Photo Lab 1 SM
PHTO 383 Color Photo Lab 2 SM
PHTO 384 Digital Photo Lab 1 SM
PHTO 385 Digital Photo Lab 2 SM
PE 100 Introduction to Kinesiology SM / O
PE 120 Beginning & Intermediate Swim SM
PE 121 Swim Fitness Lab SM
PE 122 Swim Fitness Lab SM
PE 128 Sport Psychology SM
PE 129 First Aid-CPR: Educator/Coach SM
PE 130 Self Defense SM
PE 132 Cardio Kickboxing SM
PE 133 Beginning Yoga Fitness SM / LVC
PE 135 Intermediate Yoga Fitness SM
PE 140 Physical Fitness Lab SM
PE 141 Physical Fitness Lab SM
PE 142 Low Impact Condition Exercises SM
PE 146 Strength and Flexibility SM / LVC
PE 154 Jogging/Walking SM
PE 167 Basketball SM
PE 179E Indoor Cycling SM
PEIA 130 Intercollegiate Basketball, M SM
PEIA 135 Intercollegiate Basketball, W SM
PEIA 140 Intercollegiate Baseball SM
PEIA 145 Intercollegiate Softball SM
PEIA 150 Intercollegiate Track, Men SM
PEIA 155 Intercollegiate Track, Women SM
PEIA 170 Intercollegiate Golf, Men OFF
PEIA 180 Intercollegiate Swimming Men SM
PEIA 185 Intercollegiate Swimming Women SM
PEIA 195 Intercollegiate Conditioning SM
PHSC 112 Earth & the Universe SM
PHYS 110 Introductory Physics SM
PHYS 142 General Physics 2 SM
PHYS 161 Engineering Physics 1 SM
PHYS 162 Engineering Physics 2 L
PHYS 171 Comp Tech for Phys 1: Mechanic L
POLS 101 Intro to Political Science SM / LVC
POLS 103 American Government SM / LVC / O
POLS 104 Intro International Relations O
PSY 101 General Psychology SM / LVC / O
PSY 105 Research Methods in Psychology L
PSY 106 Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Addi SM
PSY 112 Human Sexuality SM / O
PSY 113 Theories of Personality SM
PSY 117 Child Psychology SM / O
PSY 118 Lifespan Development LVC / O
PSY 119 Abnormal Psychology O
PSY 121 Social Psychology SM
PSY 127 Emotional Intelligence SM
PSY 143 Co-occ Disorders: Treatment O
READ 110 Introduction to Critical Reading SM
READ 310 Reading Skills and Strategies SM
READ 510 Improving Reading Comprehension SM
RE 100 Real Estate Principles L
RE 302 Legal Aspects of Real Estate L
REC 101 Intro to Recreation Management SM
REC 103 Leadership in Rec. Services SM
REC 107 Rec Sports Programming SM
REC 109 Outdoor & Adventure Recreation SM
STEM 100 STEM Success Strategies O
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology SM / LVC / O
SOC 102 Social Problems SM / O
SOC 104 Social Science Research Method O
SOC 106 Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Addi SM
SOC 110 Intro to Marriage and Family O
SOC 120 Race and Ethnic Relations SM / O
SOC 155 Media and Society SM
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I SM / O / L
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II SM / O
SPAN 104 Intermediate Spanish II L
SPAN 105 Adv Composition & Grammar L
SPAN 112 Advanced Spanish Conversation SM
SPCH 101 Public Speaking SM / LVC / L
SPCH 102 Small Group Communication SM / L
SPCH 103 Interpersonal Communication O
SPCH 106 Argumentation and Debate SM
SPCH 108 Oral Interpretation SM
SPCH 110 Intercultural Communication O
THEATRE See Class Search for program requirements
VETERINARY TECHNOLOGY See class search for program requirements
VEN 101 Intro to Winemaking/Enology O
VEN 102 Intro to Viticulture SM
VEN 104 Advanced Wine Evaluation SM
VEN 121 Viticulture Operations 2 SM
VEN 130 Integrated Pest Management SM
VEN 141 Viticulture Operations 5 SM
VEN 302 Progressive Wine & Food Pairing SM
VEN 311 Winemaking Operations II SM
VEN 315 Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition SM
VEN 322 Winemaking Operations IV SM
VEN 325 Vineyard Equipment Practices SM
WLDT 106 Beginning Welding SM / OFF
WLDT 107 Advanced Welding SM
WLDT 300 Shop Math and Measurement SM
WLDT 306 Layout Fabrication Interpretation SM
WLDT 307 G.M.A.W. Welding SM
WLDT 308 T.I.G. Welding SM
WLDT 319 Blacksmithing Projects SM
WLDT 330 Welding Certification SM
WLDT 331 Adv Welding Certification Lab SM
WFT 101 Wildland Fire Behavior O
WFT 102 Wild Fire Safety & Survival O
WFT 103 Wildland Fire Operations O
WFT 104 Wild Fire Pio, Prev. Inv. O
WFT 105 Wild Fire Plan Log Fin. O