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Short-Term Classes


There's still time to earn extra college credits and enroll in short-term spring classes at Allan Hancock College!

Select courses are available online or remotely and meet UCSB GE and major course requirements.




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Locations Legend:

Make sure you understand how your class is being offered! Here are the definitions for course locations:


OnlineLIVE – Attend class virtually via an online video conferencing platform like Zoom during scheduled meeting times.

ONLINE – Learn online with no scheduled meeting times.


Online Classes Offered:

AHC Class Class Name UCSB Equivalent Location
 ANTH 101 Intro to Biological Anthro. ANTH 5 ONLINE DL
 ANTH 102 Intro to Cultural Anthro. ANTH 2 ONLINE DL
 ANTH 103 Intro to Archeology ANTH 3 ONLINE DL
 ART 101 Art Appreciation GE Area F ONLINE DL
DANCE 101 Dance Appreciation GE Area F  
 ECON 102 Principles of Micro-Economics ECON 1 ONLINE DL
 ENG 103  Critical Thinking and Composition   GE Area A2 ONLINE DL
 FILM 101 Film Art & Communication GE Area F ONLINE DL
 FILM 102 Hollywood & the American Film GE Area F ONLINE DL
 GEOG 101 Physical Geography GEOG 3B ONLINE DL
 GEOG 102  Human Geography  GEOG 5 ONLINE DL
 HIST/HUM 101 World Civilizations to 1600 HIST 2A ONLINE DL
 HIST/HUM 102 World Civilizations Since 1500 HIST 2C ONLINE DL
 HIST 108  US History to 1877 HIST 17C ONLINE DL
 HIST 118 US History GE Area D ONLINE DL
HIST 119 History of California American History & Inst. ONLINE DL
 MUS 106 World Music Appreciation MUS 17 ONLINE DL
 PHIL 121 Religions of the Modern World RGST 1 ONLINE DL
POLS 103 American Govt. POLS S 12 ONLINE DL
 PSY 101  General Psychology  PSY 1 ONLINE DL
 PSY 117 Child Psychology GE Area D ONLINE DL
 PSY 118  Lifespan Development GE Area D  ONLINE DL
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology SOC 1 ONLINE DL
SOC 102 Social Problems GE Area D ONLINE DL
SOC 110 Intro to Marriage & Family GE Area D ONLINE DL
 SPCH 110 Intercultural Communication GE Area D ONLINE DL