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Resources for Grant Participants

Resources for Program Staff, External Organizations, Community Members, and Others

Bureau of State and Community Corrections Grant

Transition Adult Reentry Students to Life

  • Build confidence, personal responsibility, and self-awareness within each participant
  • Teach self-advocacy skills to participants
  • Empower participants to be responsible for their future

Transition Adult Reentry Students to College

  • Help each participant create personal, academic, and career goals
  • Provide each participant with foundational academic skills
  • Create a support community of learners with the common goal of using college to achieve the personal and career goals

Transition Adult Reentry Students to a Career

  • Enable each participant to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to successfully examine their own lives, evaluate a wide range of educational options, explore career and life paths, and establish reasoned and researched goals for the future

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Grant

  1. Provide program coordinator and a transitional life coach for previously incarcerated reentry students enrolling and attending Allan Hancock College
  2. Print a college resource help guide for previously incarcerated reentry students attending Allan Hancock College
  3. Previously incarcerated successful peer tutors for college success
  4. Purchase “Get Focused, Stay Focused” curriculum to create individualized career pathways for each reentry student
  5. Professional development offered to faculty and staff working the Beyond Barriers program

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Professional Development

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Conviction, Imprisonment, and Lost Earnings: How Involvement with the Criminal Justice System Depends Inequity

Democracy Behind Bars: How Money in Politics, Felony disenfranchisement and prison gerrymandering fuel mass incarceration

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education: A Meta-Analysis of Programs That Provide Education to Incarcerated Adults

Effects of Postsecondary Correctional Education: Final Report

Families Left Behind

From Prison to Work

Higher Education Programs in Prison: What We Know Now and What We Should Focus On Going Forward

How Effective is Prison Education, and Where Do We Go From Here?: The Results of a Comprehensive Evaluation

How Private Companies Increase Recidivism

Investing in Futures: Economic and Fiscal Benefits of Postsecondary Education in Prisons

Keeping Youth Out of the Deep End of the Juvenile Justice System

Mapping Prisoner Reentry: An Action Research Guidebook

Practice and Promise of Prison Programming

Prison-based Education: Programs, Participation and Proficiency Literacy/Numeracy 

Prisoner Reentry in Perspective

Recidivism Among Federal Offenders: A Comprehensive Overview

Recidivism of Felony Offenders in California

Shadow Report to the United Nations on Racial Disparities in the United States Criminal Justice System

State of Recidivism: The Revolving Door of America's Prisons

Unlocking Potential: Pathways from Prison to Postsecondary Education

An Exploration of the Demographic Make-up of Incarcerated Persons

The Report: From Prison to College Degrees in California