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Campus Construction Updates

Construction in Progress

Fine Arts Complex

This project constructs a 52,260 assignable square feet (asf) Fine Arts Complex. The purpose of this project is to consolidate the fine arts instructional facilities. The complex will provide adjacency of spaces to facilitate interaction between disciplines, shared spaces such as computer labs for better space utilization, a technology network, and adequate ventilation/electrical power required to meet the needs of the current and expected growth of the program. The final building will include 47,044 asf laboratory, 5,096 asf office, and 366 asf of other spaces

The architectural contract for the college's Fine Arts Complex was granted to DLR Group. Under the proposed schedule, officials anticipate the project to be complete by fall 2022.

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A new building is required to relocate the PCPA costume and prop shop out of building O-300. Offices and work areas for carpenter and costume designers.

Student Health Center

Approx. 4000 sq. ft. building will include a new student health center, food pantry and student laundry. The new building will be located east of building W and will allow for additional parking to be added.

baseball/softball concessions stand

This project will construct a concession building to support events at the baseball and softball fields.

baseball/softball changing facilities

This project would construct new changing facilities for the baseball and softball programs.  The facilities will be located adjacent to the existing restrooms at the ball fields.

baseball/softball parking lot, safety lighting and drainage

This project will construct a parking lot for baseball/softball including safety lighting and drainage.

Upcoming Projects

Buildings e & f demolition

This project will entail demolishing buildings E and F on the Allan Hancock College campus. No space is identified for this project since it was already removed as part of the Fine Arts Complex Project.

Building o-300 demolition

This project will entail demolishing building O-300 on the Allan Hancock College campus. No space is identified for this project since it was already removed as part of the Fine Arts Complex Project.

Future Projects


This project will construct an exterior shop canopy at PCPA Marian Theatre.


A new building is required for facilities grounds and custodial operations currently located in building O-300 to relocate 2 offices, breakroom and multiple storage areas for equipment and miscellaneous supplies.

Football Field Improvements

This new building will create a team showering facility and changing room near the football field.

technology center

This project is intended to provide open access computer labs and other computer technology-based instruction are also planned for the new facility. In addition, the Information Technology Services department offices will relocate to this new facility.

building h renovation

This existing facility is planned to be renewed and repurposed to expand Campus Graphics and provide permanent space for the Veterans Center in a location that is adjacent to the Student Center and Student Services offices in the One Stop Student Service Center.

Physical plant service lvc

This project constructs a new 14,948 gross square foot building with maintenance yard to store grounds and facilities services equipment. This will require covered area for equipment with power sources for electric vehicle charging. Facilities operates from a 2,417 square foot space located with-in building 3, science building, constructed in 1999. Grounds equipment storage has taken over an area that was intended for the arts program. The Lompoc Valley Center has now grown from 65,464 square feet to a total of 170,000 square feet of building space with the completion of the Public Safety Training Center. Therefore, this project will provide adequate space for custodial, grounds, maintenance, shipping and receiving, mail room, and warehouse services.

Public safety training complex expansion lvc

This project would improve and add to the functionality of the outdoor training facilities at the Public Safety Training Complex. The improvements include expand paving at the scenario buildings, restrooms for the outdoor training area, expand the fire technology simulated street area.

amphitheater lvc

The 300 seat Lompoc Valley Center Amphitheater will be a unique venue for events, instructional performances, and commencement ceremonies and would provide a signature outdoor gathering and learning space. The recommended location will help to integrate the Public Safety Training Complex with the original campus precinct. Great care and sensitivity to the environment should inform the design of the amphitheater. It is intended to be nestled into the existing site contours with the minimum amount of grading needed to achieve the design intent. The design solution should respect and use the many beautiful oak and eucalyptus trees and the other special character defining elements. Additional oak trees could be planted to screen and embrace the site. The design should be inspired by the natural beauty of the campus and should emphasize the appropriate use of local materials, such as stone and wood, in the construction of the amphitheater and site work. This facility would have the infrastructure and technology to support audio/visual systems and  provide lighting for night time use.

Completed Projects

Industrial Technology Complex
The Industrial Technology and Physical Education/Athletic Fields project provided a new facility with space for the Industrial Technology programs including:  automotive technology, auto body technology, architecture/engineering technology, machine technology, welding, and administrative support.

Public Safety Training Complex (PSTC)
The Public Safety Complex is located at the Lompoc Valley Center. The project consisted of a 36,678 sq. ft. academic building, 8,568 sq. ft. six-story fire tower, 12,286 sq. ft. apparatus storage building, a 42,406 sq. ft. shooting range, scenario village, prop house, fitness track, skid pad/slow speed driving skills area, and a one-mile emergency vehicle operator course (EVOC).

Childcare Center Addition
The Childcare Center Addition project consists of a 11,666 gross building sq. ft. addition (approx. 8,900 building sq. ft. and 2,700 sq. ft. of canopies and overhangs) to the existing building J on campus.  The addition will replaced the existing building Z which was demolished upon completion of the project.  The project provided additional classrooms to accommodate the increased number of children.  The project also included construction of a hands-on learning lab for the degree and certificate programs in early childhood studies.

Student Services Center and Administration Building
The One Stop Student Services Center consists of a new 44,788 sq. ft. two-story student services building (building A) and a new 21,053 sq. ft. two-story administration building (building B) with associated on- and off-site improvements targeting LEED Silver Certification. A new north Bradley Road driveway, north-east loop road, and parking lot in accordance with the board approved 2008 Bond Measure I, Facilities Site and Utilities Master Plan were also constructed.  The project also included the demolition of former buildings A, B, I, N-Annex, T, U, V, and X.