Art Faculty

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John Hood

John Riley Hood
Professor of Art and Design
Chair, Department of Fine Arts
Building F, Room 9C
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3705

Adrienne Allebe

Adrienne Allebe
Assistant Professor, Art, 2D
Building F, Room 9A
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3461 

Amiko Matsuo Amiko Matsuo
Assistant Professor, Art, 3D
Building F, Room 9D
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3351  
Patrick Trimbath Patrick Trimbath
Associate Professor, Art, 2D
Building F, Room 9B
1-805-922-6966, ext. 3792


Part-Time Faculty

Kris Doe
 Kris Doe
William Durham Art
Basil Jenkins Art
Lauren Rayburn Art
Helen Talkin Art
Jill Thayer
Jill Thayer
Laura Susan Thomas
Laura Susan
Emily Baker
Emily Baker
Susan (Saunders) Shaw
Candace Vosburg Art-Ceramics

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