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Paper Review

THE paper submission Service will begin in week 3

The Writing Center invites students who cannot connect with a live faculty tutor during the Writing Center's open hours to submit essays and writing assignments for review. Paper submission is available solely on the weekends and allows for a limited amount of paper submissions. Click on the appropriate day to complete a form about your assignment and to upload your draft.  Please allow  24-48 hours for a response. If you find that we've reached our limit and are no longer accepting paper submissions, please consider receiving instructor assistance in-person or through Zoom or make an appointment for a future session with a writing tutor.  

Please provide as many details about your assignment and the areas in which you need help.

What can I submit for review?

You can submit any written coursework. This includes papers, outlines, or discussion posts. Please do not submit more than 8 pages for review. Please include the assignment instructions with your paper.

When can I submit a paper for review?

You can submit a draft of your paper Thursday (after 8 p.m.), Friday (after 3 p.m.), Saturday, or Sunday. Papers are returned within 48 hours to the email address you provide.

Will the faculty tutor edit my paper?

You will receive detailed feedback to help you to revise and edit, but the tutor will not directly edit your work. Feedback will include summary feedback in the email you get and margin comments you'll find directly on your paper.

Paper review is not solely for getting grammar and punctuation edits--use Grammarly for this.

*The paper review does not include a similarity report--use Turnitin for this.

Thursday Paper Review (after 8 p.m.)

Friday Paper Review 

Saturday Paper Review

Sunday Paper Review (before 9 p.m.)