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Dental Assisting

Start a career in dental assisting

Approved by the California Board of Dental Examiners, this two-semester (fall and spring) program provides technical skills needed for employment in a dental office. The student develops skills to participate as a member of the dental health team in general chairside and specialty procedures, office management, and x-ray techniques.

Application to the Dental Program

Questions about the application process can be emailed to

Questions about the dental assisting program can be emailed to

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New Course Offerings

DA-329 Dental Practicum

Units: 4 Lab Course, Letter Grade Only, Non-Transferable.

This course has been reduced from 5 units to 4 units. Supervised learning  experiences in a dental office in the various application of dental assisting duties.

DA 320 Dental Practicum in the Community.
Units: 1, Lab course, Letter grade only, non-transferable. 

This is a supervised learning experience The students will participate in dental screenings,provide oral hygiene instruction and apply fluoride varnish on children in the community and Public Health settings.

Accreditation Information

Allan Hancock College Dental Assisting program is approved by the Dental Board of California.