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Title V Advisory Committee

The Title V Advisory Committee is crucial for developing strategies and achieving goals meant to institutionalize grant initiatives, gather data, and explore new creative ways to support Hispanic/LatinX, first-generation and other under-served student populations. The grant entails four major goals, which are listed below.

  1. Adding Embedded Counseling to courses identified as having lower passing rates for first-generation student populations;
  2. Adding Embedded Tutoring to these same courses;
  3. Running at least 8 financial wellness workshops for students every year;
  4. Developing a faculty-to-faculty professional development network invested in the andragogy, cultural competency, and career skill development as focal point for a professional development network. 

Contact Information

Maria Grando
Title V Grant Coordinator
Allan Hancock College
805-922-6966 ext. 3635


  • Erica Biely, Allan Hancock College
  • Benjamin Britten, Allan Hancock College Faculty
  • Dr. Ana Gomez De Torres, Allan Hancock College Faculty
  • Maria Grando, Allan Hancock College
  • Elaine Healy, Allan Hancock College
  • Dr. Mary Patrick, Allan Hancock College
  • Julia Raybould-Rodgers, Allan Hancock College Faculty
  • Dr. Alina Romo, Allan Hancock College Faculty
  • Feride Schroeder, Allan Hancock College Faculty
  • Maribel Vargas-Meza, Santa Maria Joint Unified School District
  • Liz West, Allan Hancock College Faculty