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Applying for a degree and CSUGE-IGETC certification

To be awarded a degree and CSUGE-IGETC certification, all requirements must be completed by the end of the semester.

Auto-Awarding Process

Allan Hancock College has developed a program that auto-awards degrees and CSUGE-IGETC certifications.  If DegreeWorks shows you are at 98% completed with your degree(s) and/or CSUGE-IGETC certification, you will receive an email approximately 5-weeks into the semester confirming auto-awarding.  The email will list all eligible degrees and certifications.  You may speak to a counselor for verification.  

To be eligible for auto-awarding, you must:

  • be currently taking classes at Hancock
  • be eligible for degree(s) and/or CSUGE-IGETC certification requirements using the current catalog year

IMPORTANT: If you do not meet the above criteria, you are required to meet with a counselor to apply for your degree and/or CSUGE-IGETC certification.  

I have transcripts from another college/university, AP, CLEP, IB, or military credit.

  1. Submit all official transcripts to our Admissions and Records Office for a course-to-course evaluation.
  2. Wait for an email verification from the Admissions and Records Office confirming your transcript has been received and evaluated.
  3. Schedule a counseling appointment for a thorough degree and/or CSUGE-IGETC certification evaluation.  A counselor will ensure all your external applicable credit will be inputted into DegreeWorks. 

Deadline to Submit an Application for a Degree and CSUGE-IGETC certification

Use the Successnet link below to schedule a counseling appointment.

Schedule a Counseling Appointment

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