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Diablo Canyon Power Plant Incident

The Santa Maria campus is a secondary evacuation site for the Lucia Mar Unified School District in the event of a nuclear incident at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. The Lucia Mar Unified School District personnel will be responsible for releasing children to their parent and/or guardian. 

The sole role of the college is to provide temporary daytime shelter for these school children.

  • Diablo Canyon officials will notify the Lucia Mar Unified School District and AHC Police Department if facilities are needed.
  • Administrator in charge will cancel classes, if necessary.
  • County health officer will set up contamination inspection stations at San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara County line.
  • Aggregate care, if necessary, will be provided off-site (Convention Center at SM Fairpark).
  • AHC personnel will assist school district personnel with facilities operation.
  • South San Luis Obispo County elementary school children will vacate to AHC, as a secondary location.
  • Food services will be provided by various community organizations. AHC personnel will be requested to assist in kitchen equipment operation.
  • Parents will receive notification on the location of school children and instructions will be provided on procedures for picking up children via city, county, and multiple jurisdiction emergency personnel. The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) will also be activated, tune in to KUHL 1440 AM or KSMA 1240 AM.
  • AHC Plant Services will revisit the facility at the end of evacuation period for facilities inspection.