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List of Clubs

Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Aquarius Chapter 
American Institute of Architecture Students 
Anime and Manga Club
Asian Pacific International Club 
Associated Degree of Nursing Programs (ADNP) 
Auto Technology Car Club
Beyond Incarceration Greater Education (B.I.G.E.)
Bulldog Rec-ing Club 
CAN Club (College Achievement Now)
Climbing Club
Cru at Hancock
Drama Club
Dream Club 
Fabrication Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Film and Video Club
GLO (Go Love Others)
Grace Lutheran Campus Ministry
Hancock Distance Club
Hancock Heroes
Jazz and Pep Club
Journalism Club
Math Club
Multi-Cultural Club
New Age Dance Company
Nursing Club
Nutrition and Wellness Club
Paintball Club
Queers and Allies
Science and Engineering Club
Service Learning Club
.S.O.A.R. (Students Organizing for Advocacy and Retention)
SPAT (Students Pursuing Athletic Training)
Student Veterans of America
Veg Club
Video Gaming United
Viticulture and Enology Club
Young America's Foundation



Alpha Gamma Sigma (A.G.S.) Aquarius Chapter: is an honorary statewide community college organization whose goal is to foster, maintain, promote, and recognize scholastic achievement and service by students at the local college level.  Membership is available for those who qualify scholastically by application. Apply online.  Email us at agsaquarius@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/agsaquarius

         Faculty Advisor Kathy Headtke - kheadtke@hancockcollege.edu
         Staff Co-Advisor: Mary Alice Majoue - mmajoue@hancockcollege.edu
         Lompoc President: Kasai Richardson - kasai.richardson@my.hancockcollege.edu
         Santa Maria President: S. Richard Cota - pro7eus44@gmail.com

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS): to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster and appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture. Email us at hancockaias@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/hancockaias

Faculty Advisor: Saad Sadig - ssadig@hancockcollege.edu
Faculty Co-Advisor: Jonas Sturas - jsturas@hancockcollege.edu
President: Derek Orlick - derekorlick64@gmail.com

Anime and Manga Club:  to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation (anime) and of Japanese cartoon publication (manga) through discussion of anime and manga related topics.

Staff Advisor: Dyanna Cridelich - dcridelich@hancockcollege.edu
President: Kaitlin Rush - rushkaitlin@gmail.com  

Asian Pacific International Club (APIC): to promote unity through diversity by increasing awareness and appreciation of the cultures of Asian and Pacific Islander countries and the international community.

Faculty Advisor: Eui Chung – echung@hancockcollege.edu
President: Luis "Domo" Gaytan  - luis.gaytan@my.hancockcollege.edu
Asian Pacific Int'l Club email: apic.santamaria@gmail.com

Associated Degree of Nursing Programs (ADNP): is established to promote and support students pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and provide positive reinforcement among their peers and students while being an advocate for nursing education.

Staff Advisor: Daphne Boatright – dboatright@hancockcollege.edu
President: Jessica Ruiz - gecka27@gmail.com

 Auto Technology Car Club: is to foster student integration, cooperation, and team building skills associated with car club activities.  Activities include: fund raising, ASBG participation, and annual car show planning.

           Staff Advisor: Eric Mason - emason@hancockcollege.edu 
           Co-Advisor: Loron Bradbury - loren.bradbury@hancockcollege.edu
           President: Edgar Hernandez - edgar.hernandez2@my.hancockcollege.edu

 Beyond Incarceration Greater Education (B.I.G.E.): to bring awareness to the students of AHC that formerly incarcerated students have a voice here on campus.

Staff Advisor: Lynn Becerra - lynn.becerra@hancockcollege.edu
President: Arturo Raygoza - arturo.raygoza@my.hancockcollege.edu

Bulldog Rec-ing:  to collect funds in order to raise money for a scholarship that would be awarded to a Recreation Management major transferring to a university.

Faculty Advisor: Paul Lesage - plesage@hancockcollege.edu
President: Caitlyn Sampson -sampson.caitlyn.2015@gmail.com

CAN Club (College Achievement Now): to provide an environment for diverse individuals where learning, academic progress, motivation, and academic skills are a main focus.

Staff Advisor: Liliana Perez - liliana.perez1@hancockcollege.edu
Co-Advisor: Petra Gomez - petra.gomez@hancockcollege.edu
President: Rosalinda Medina - rosalinda.medinas@my.hancockcollege.edu

Climbing Club: to gain appreciation and education for the sport of indoor and outdoor climbing, in particular bouldering, while integrating participants into a supportive and positive community.

          Faculty Advisor: Chellis Ying - chellis.ying@hancockcollege.edu
          President: Jacob Rivera - jacob.rivera@my.hancockcollege.edu

 Cru at Hancock: to give an opportunity for everyone  to know the person Jesus Christ. Seeking to be a a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ by offering spiritual discussions, uplifting social gatherings, and personal development opportunities.

            Faculty Advisor: Doug Silva - dsilva@hancockcollege.edu
            President: Sydney Wolfe - sydsyd4536@gmail.com   

Drama Club: to develop a learning community at AHC for student actors interested in improving their acting skills.

         Faculty Advisor: Michael Dempsey - mdempsey@hancockcollege.edu 
         President: Jessica Garcia - jsscgarcia835@gmail.com

Dream Club: mission is to promote the available resources at Allan Hancock College and also provide financial help to those who do not receive any from the college because of their migrant status.

          Staff Advisor: Mayte Solis - msolis@hancockcollege.edu
          Co-Advisor: Mayra Moirales - mmorales@hancockcollege.edu
          President: Yesenia Beas - yesenia.beasramirez@my.hancockcollege.edu

 Fabrication Club: to support student learning, practices, and outreach of the welding program by fabricating welded projects in effort to support relationships and partnerships with local welding industry professionals, and to establish a student chapter of the American Welding Society.

          Faculty Advisor: Gabriel Marquez - gabriel.marquez@hancockcollege.edu 
          President: Raul Lopez - raullopez@smbsd.net

 Fellowship of Christian Athletes: to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

         Faculty Advisor; Seth Damron - seth.damron@hancockcollege.edu
         President: Steven Schouten - steveneschouten@gmail.com

Film Club: to enhance the educational experience in media by balancing networking and hands on experience, and building a positive affirmation of talent. 

          Staff Advisor: Tim Webb - twebb@hancockcollege.edu
          Co-Adviser: Chris Hite - chite@hancockcollege.edu
          President: Michael Mole - ahcfilmclub@gmail.com

GLO (Go Love Others) Club: to create a loving and encouraging environment for students to come and learn about who God is, what He has for their lives, and the relationship they can establish with Him. Reassuring them that they are loved, important, and have a greater purpose for their lives despite their circumstances.

           Staff Advisor: Kellie Claverie - kclaverie@hancockcollege.edu
           President: Valerie Garcia - valerie.garcia456@gmail.com

Grace Lutheran Campus Ministry: to share Christ with students interested in knowing more and to create fellowship among Christian students.

         Staff Advisor: Sharon Alldredge - salldredge@hancockcollege.edu
          President: Lucero Reyes - lucyreyes255@gmail.com

 Hancock Distance Club: to promote health and fitness with distance running by attending, organizing, and facilitating fitness events.

           Staff Advisor: Louie Quintana - lquintana@hancockcollege.edu
           President: Maria Carmen - carmen.uvalle97@gmail.com

 Hancock Heroes: to establish and implement long range coordination of public service and community development for student partnerships with local service-based organizations within the local community and direct the development of membership growth to service.

            Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Schroeder - jennifer.schroeder@hancockcollege.edu
            President: Janet Lopez - janetlopez1615@gmail.com

 Jazz and Pep Club: to exercise music where students can build a musical portfolio by establishing a musical pep band presence at AHC athletic events and other school activities as well as performing different styles of music such as jazz. .

Staff Advisor: David Becker - david.becker1@hancockcollege.edu
President: Scott Anderson - scottandersontv@gmail.com

 Journalism Club: to provide the students of AHC who show an interest in journalism and writing with an outlet for expression, where students can gain valuable work experience by supplying the campus with an unbiased and trustworthy news source.

          Staff Advisor: Chellis Ying -  chellis.ying@hancockcollege.edu 
          Editor in Chief: Carson Link - carsonlink79@gmail.com

Math Club: to provide information, guidance, mentoring, community, and camaraderie for AHC mathematics students.

Staff Advisor: Dr. Christopher Pavone - chris.pavone@hancockcollege.edu 
President: Yazil Hurtado - yazil.hurtado@my.hancockcollege.edu

 Multi-Cultural Club: to expose students to different cultures and promote cultural awareness. Open to anyone who wants to learn new things about different cultures or gain a better understanding of other cultures.

Staff Advisor: Dr. David Hernandez - dhernandez@hancockcollege.edu
Co-Advisor:  Chris Carroll - christop.carroll2@hancockcollege.edu
President: Chinenye Oriji - chinenye.oriji@my.hancockcollege.edu

 New Age Dance Company: to support students who are interested in entering the dance/performance industry sector by sharpening dance skills, performance presence, industry standards, and audition preparation to provide a pathway to success in the industry.

         Faculty Advisor: Jesus Solorio - jesus.solorio1@hancockcollege.edu
         Co-Advisor: Ben Reyes - breyes@hancockcollege.edu 
         President: Stanford Midling - stanford.midling1@gmail.com

 Nursing Club: to support LVN program students in reaching their education and career goals.

          Staff Advisor: Bonny Friedrich - bfriedrich@hancockcollege.edu
          President: Karissa Grider - karissadgrider@yahoo.com

 Nutrition and Wellness Club: to promote nutrition awareness and educate members on various nutrition topics.

         Staff Advisor: Christine Bisson - cbisson@hancockcollege.edu 
         President: Cassandra Ochoa - 805cassandra.ochoa@gmail.com 

 Paintball Club: For the enjoyment of paintball activities and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Staff Advisor: Ben Britten - benjamin.britten@hancockcollege.edu
Co-Advisor Deborah Schuetz-Jones - dschuetz-jones@hancockcollege.edu
President: Hunter Jones - hunter.jones@my.hancockcollege.edu

Queers and Allies: to enlighten the Central Coast and the Allan Hancock College campus about the increasing gay community.  To educate the Central Coast population that equality and people’s sexuality preference is a part of our human rights, this includes bringing positivity, specifically to the Allan Hancock College campus, and to save the world.

        Staff Advisor: Kate Adams -  kadams@hancockcollege.edu
        Co-Advisor: Henry Schroff - hschroff@hancockcollege.edu 
        Co-Advisor: Emmanuel Guerrero - emmanuel.guerrero@hancockcollege.edu
        President: Sarah Susenbach - sarah.susenbach@my.hancckcollege.edu

  Science and Engineering Club: to connect with industry professionals to expand student education and promote camaraderie and communication within the Science and Engineering departments by organizing lectures, peer advising, fundraisers, ASBG event participation, and field trips.

        Staff Advisor: Emmanuel Guerrero - emmanuel.guerrero2@hancockcollege.edu
        President: Nick Ungefug -nicholas.ungefug@my.hancockcollege.edu

 SOAR (Students Organizing for Advocacy and Retention) : to provide an avenue for students, specifically students of the Lompoc Valley Center, to create an engaging campus climate.

           Staff Advisor: Antonio Ramirez - antonio.ramirez12@hancockcollege.edu
           President: Carson Link - Carsomlink79@gmail.com

SPAT (Students Pursuing Athletic Training): the club is for those who are pursuing athletic training or health related professions as a graduation/career goal. The purpose is to enhance academic skills for those who aspire to accomplish future academic, professional, and career goals in the field of Kinesiology and/or other Health related fields.

           Faculty Advisor: Kayla George - kayla.george@hancockcollege.edu
           Co Advisor: Cheo Munoz  - emunoz@hancockcollege.edu
           President: Alexa Lopez - alexalopez27@hotmail.com

Student Veterans of America: to support all veterans in the pursuit of their education and acclimating to college life.  To support and provide a social atmosphere that veterans are comfortable and familiar with.  To act as an advocate for the student veterans to the college and the community.

            Staff Advisor: Sal Caminada - scaminada@hancockcollege.edu 
            President: Josh Bachrach - joshbachrach@yahoo.com

 Veg Club: to introduce students and faculty on the AHC campus to a vegan diet and lifestyle thorough, friendly, and compassionate activism, in order to reduce the suffering of animals and degradation of the environment, as well as empower health conscious individuals.

             Faculty Advisor: Michael McMahon - mmcmahon@hancockcollege.edu 
             President: Kayla Forster Saunders - kaykafs97@gmail.com   

 Video Gaming United: to promote sportsmanship, embolden our fellow gamers, connect with the community, stimulate sodality and support friendly competiveness, and further the positive image of video gaming in a constructive setting while defending the integrity and structure of video games and video gaming alike.  

            Faculty Advisor: Brian Stokes - bstokes@hancockcollege.edu 
            President: Lucas Baycroft - lucas.baycroftcharles@gmail.com

 Viticulture and Enology Club: to foster student integration , cooperation, and team building skills associated with viticulture and enology.

            Faculty Advisor: Alfredo Koch - akoch@hancockcollege.edu
            President: Liliana Luevano - lluevano89@gmail.com

 Young America's Foundation (YAF): dedicated to encouraging active citizenship among young people and upholding conservative and traditional values.

          Staff Advisor: Fred Patrick - fpatrick@hancockcollege.edu 
          President: Jade Fuller - jade.fuller11@yahoo.com


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