Counseling Staff

Administrators  Title Location/Bldg
Nohemy Ornelas Associate Superintendent/ Vice President, Student Services A
Yvonne Teniente-Cuello Dean, Student Services A


Full-Time Faculty Title Location/Bldg
Héctor Álvarez  Counselor A
Lynn Becerra Personal Development Instructor A
Ben Britten Counselor A
Lainey Campos Athletics Counselor A
Cynthia Diaz Counselor/ Department Chair A
Clint Freeland Counselor A
Ricardo Navarrette Puente Counselor A
Carissa Perales Counselor Lompoc
Antonio Ramirez Counselor Lompoc
Veronica Sánchez Counselor A
Margaret Shigenaka Counselor A
Brooke Souza Counselor A
Julie Vasques Counselor A


Part-Time Faculty  Title Location/Bldg
Henry Davis Counselor A
Eduardo Pena Promise Counselor Lompoc
Lisa McKinley Counselor A
Krystle Navarrette Promise Counselor A
Veronica West Veteran's Counselor VSC, G-101


Counseling Staff Title Location/Bldg
Rich Partida Counseling Assistant A
Christian Gardner Support Technical Specialist A
Alicia Valdiviezo Outreach Specialist  A
Sara Galindo Outreach Specialist A
Monica Maldonado Outreach Specialist A
Carlos Esobedo Outreach Specialist A
Gemma Garcia Retention Specialist A
Ulises Serrano Retention Specialist A
Christina Mcmillan Office Services Assistant A
Kara Mushegan Academic Support Specialist A
Cinitia Mendoza Administrative Secretary III of Student Success A
Counselors also hold positions in other Student Support Programs on campus.  Follow the links below for counselor contact information.

University Transfer Center (UTC)
Learning Assistance Program (LAP) 
College Achievement Now (CAN) 
Career/Job Placement Center

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Rebecca McIntosh

Rebecca McIntosh
EMS Student

"The teachers here at Allan Hancock College are remarkable. All of the tack officers that we have here are knowledgeable in what they do but they also know how to get you to learn the material. My instructor really personalizes it, really makes it something that you can grasp onto and remember the stories and therefore remember the content. It's been an incredible experience. I really do enjoy it a lot."

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