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April 6 Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)
Victoria White will be providing information about the programs at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and the services they offer for their veteran-affiliated students.
Time: 1230 to 1330
Join this event on Zoom  Meeting ID 938 6730 4068

Time Management Workshop
The Time Management Workshop will help you enrich your time management skills.  The workshop will provide you with tools  to use your time more effectively.  In addition, this workshop will cover common obstacles to effective time management that will help you assess your own time and priorities.
April 2, 1-2:30 p.m.   Meeting ID: 985-0078-5023
April 14, 11-12:30 p.m.   Meeting ID: 981-5137-2168

April 13: Cal Poly
The Lead Coordinator, Kari Leslie, Director of Center for Military-Connected Students at Cal Poly College, will be a speaking on the transitioning of military-connected students to Cal Poly and the services that the center offers and provides. (Link information pending)

April 15 Grade Matters Workshop
The Grades Matter Workshop will help you understand your academic and/or progress standing.  You will learn strategies to get back on track and regain good standing with the college.  The workshop will also cover the consequences of being on probation such as unit limitation, financial aid eligibility, and priority registration.  If you received a probation email notification, you are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop.
Time: 1200-1300
Meeting ID: 971 6370 0969

April 20 AHC Career Center
Dr. David Hernandez will be doing a presentation on, Veteran Success, the services, resources and workshop that is provided at AHC Career Center for veteran-affiliated students.
Time: 1230 to 1300 
Join this event on Zoom Meeting ID 971 3894 3771

April 27 Holding  Yourself Up in a Time of Uncertainty: 
Dr. Kandel will be leading a workshop on Holding yourself Up in a Time of Uncertainty, Posturing to Posture. How we hold ourselves both affects and reflects our physical and emotional health. Healthy posture will improve our communication to others as well as reduce the impact of past trauma. In this workshop you will learn practical tips for healthy posture that can reduce stress and pain, as well as a simple stretching routine that will help increase energy and alertness. He will also explore how to sit and stand and work with our digital devices in ways that keep us healthier physically and emotionally.
Time: 1230-1330
Join this event on Zoom Meeting ID 960 7762 8183 

Every Thursday: Guided Meditation for military affiliated students with Xixi Zhai
Time: 1300-1330
Join this event on Zoom  Meeting ID: 966 2686 5261
Passcode: 964710