One Year to Go transfer Checklist

  1. Meet with a counselor to check that all admission course and GPA requirements will be met by CSU and/or UC specified time periods.  It is wise to make this appointment prior to the previous fall registration time period for fall transfer or prior to the previous spring registration time period for winter/spring transfer. 
  2. File CSU or UC admissions application during the appropriate application period (see the “Application Dates for Transfer Students” handout in the University Transfer Center).  Please check and to see which universities are accepting applications for the term you would like to transfer.   If completing and submitting the paper application, be sure to photocopy the application and get proof of mailing for your records.  Do not send transcripts with your application.  Only send the completed application with the application filing fee ($55 for CSU and/or $70 for UC per campus).  Requests for a fee waiver can be filled out online, and are included in your online admission application. 
  3. Research and apply for scholarships.  The Allan Hancock College scholarship is typically due in October/November and has money available for transfer students.  UC scholarships are available through the university application.  CSU scholarship applications are available in the University Transfer Center or on the CSU campus web site after January and are usually due before March.  Private organization scholarship deadlines vary and can be researched on the Internet at, or in the University Transfer Center, Career Technical Center, or Financial Aid Department.  Don’t wait to research scholarships!!! 
  4. Complete the University of California (UC) application update process and/or any other required supplemental applications.  Historically, the UC has notified applicants by email in the month of January of the application update process and deadlines (usually due late January).  UC Berkeley has their own supplemental application to submit online, as well as San Diego State.  These emails can get filtered out as "junk."  Make sure to regularly check any email files where filtered messages may go.  Supplemental applications are typically required for impacted programs such as Nursing and are due in December or January.  Make sure to read all of the general admission application instructions for information on any supplemental applications and their due dates. 
  5. Research housing options and child care resources.  Note application deadlines and deposit requirements.   
  6. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) during the priority filing period of January 1 and March 2 for financial aid for the entire next school year.  If you miss the March 2 deadline you can still submit your application for financial aid but the funding available will be less.  
  7. Admit/denial notifications arrive approximately February through May for fall applicants, April through May for summer applicants, September through October for winter quarter or spring semester applications, and January through February for spring quarter applications.  If you receive an admit letter, bring it into the University Transfer Center – you may be eligible for a Transfer Recognition Award.  If you receive a denial, please see a transfer counselor as soon as possible.  They may be able to assist you with an appeal or development of an admission strategy. 
  8. Bring your acceptance letter to the University Transfer Center to apply for your Transfer Recognition Award. 
  9. Apply for general education certification.  See a counselor in order to do this.  You may apply when you are enrolled in the final courses to complete the requirements.  
  10. Request that your transcripts be sent to the school you plan to attend.  The school will typically let you know when to send them.  Be sure to check your email and your student portal often because these are now the primary means of communication for the UC and CSU.  Note the deadlines for final transcripts.  You will probably send transcripts two to three times before you transfer. 
  11. File the Intent to Register for the school you have selected to attend by the noted deadline! This deadline could be anywhere from May to July. Most are May 15 and June 15.  Some schools require you to send a deposit with the Intent to Register.  DO NOT MISS THE INTENT TO REGISTER DEADLINE! 
  12. Go to the school’s Orientation/Registration event in the summer.  These may not be available for mid-year transfers.  
  13. Review your final evaluation, which the university should send you right before it is time for you to register.  This will tell you how all your completed courses transferred to the university.  If you feel mistakes were made, look into it ASAP. 

Questions?  Come see us in the University Transfer Center
Or call for an appointment
Santa Maria University Transfer Center:  1-805-922-6966 ext. 3293
Lompoc University Transfer Center:  (805) 735-3366 ext. 5363

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Last Modified Oct 23, 2018