Activity One

AIM for Success and Reach Your Goals!

The focus of Activity ONE is on basic skills and credit/noncredit ESL. As a starting point, the AIM Center, a bilingual virtual resource center, is now available to students 24/7 from any computer.  Students can go to to access academic support resources, such as video tutorials, web-based tutoring and language development tools. Through the AIM Center, students can also tap into other AHC support services, such as the Writing Center, Math Center, Counseling and more.  

To further support student success, several instructors from the English and Math departments have taken on acceleration projects. The goal is to find strategies that will increase the advancement rate of students underprepared for college-level work.

Summary of Goals for Activity One

  • Increase the persistence and completion of high-need students through multiple approaches, including pedagogical and technology-assisted innovations, and centralizing information and support for remedial students.
  • Leverage the SSSP activities that provide support, particularly online support, to expand high-need student access to critical services
  • Leverage BSI activities, especially remedial acceleration projects
  • Create a virtual pathways center targeted to high needs and basic skills students
  • Institutionalize critical positions over the five year project period, including a basic skills coordinator, a reading instructor, and a noncredit ESL instructor

Activity One Contact

Mayte Solis
Basic Skills Coordinator, Title V AIM Grant


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Last Modified Oct 23, 2018