Social Media Guidelines

Due to the dynamic nature of social media, these guidelines may change as social media applications evolve.

Allan Hancock College social media platforms are an accepted and recognized source of information and are intended to serve as a resource for employees, students and the community.

Allan Hancock College Social Media Handbook PDF


This document outlines the guidelines for Allan Hancock College regarding the use of the college’s name, likeness, logo, and information about the college, on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Responsible Parties

The Public Affairs and Communications office is the administrator of the college’s official social media pages. Those who wish to provide or link information to these sites under the college’s name should contact Andrew Masuda in the Public Affairs and Communications office at or ext. 3779 to coordinate their efforts. Examples of other reasons to contact the Public Affairs office:

  • If you wish to use the college’s name, likeness or logo on any social media sites
  • If an employee or student group on campus seeks to create a social media account or page affiliated with an official college group

The college is not responsible for content created by students or employees on unofficial social media sites. Those who choose to comment using their own Facebook identify on existing content on official sites should show good judgment and discretion. The college encourages a lively discussion on social media sites; however, if a situation involving offensive or unlawful content arises, the college also reserves the right to remove, as necessary, a club or other college group’s presence, or individual comments, on official social media sites.


Content created by site administrators on Allan Hancock College-affiliated social media sites must relate directly to college business, programs, services or related interests. Content placed by site administrators cannot promote individual opinions or causes. If an officially affiliated site is established, it must adhere to existing college policies governing employee and student behavior, in addition to any and all policies required by the social media site. Users must comply with all federal copyright regulations, including the TEACH Act. Please refer to the “Allan Hancock College Social Media Handbook” for more information regarding implementing and managing social media sites at Allan Hancock College

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Last Modified May 13, 2019