Hancock, University of La Verne Prepare for Fall Cohort

Registration for three on-site bachelor's degree programs remains open

JUNE 19, 2019-- Nearly one year after announcing a historic partnership, Allan Hancock College and the University of La Verne remain committed to student success and are offering three on-site bachelor’s degree programs for the fall 2019 term.

“This partnership gives our students access to affordable four-year degrees, something that’s been a big need in our community,” said Hancock Superintendent/President Kevin G. Walthers, Ph.D. “With these three degree programs on campus, our students now have access to a high-quality university education that will prepare them for meaningful careers.”

Registration is still open for the partnership’s fall cohort, which will allow qualifying Hancock students and alumni to earn bachelor’s degrees in public administration, business administration or organizational management. Cohorts for each program are required to enroll at least 20 students.

“We’ve been actively recruiting students for all three programs, with business administration and organizational management being the most popular,” said University of La Verne Senior Executive Director for Military and Regional Campuses Kitt Vincent. “We have conducted information sessions, worked with both the City of Santa Maria and the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, and met individually with a large number of prospects.”

The on-site bachelor’s programs are aimed at current students who are enrolled in similar programs at Hancock, as well as alumni who want to return to the college to complete a bachelor’s degree. Hancock and La Verne officially announced the partnership in October 2018.

As part of the agreement with La Verne, students who complete at least two semesters at Hancock will also be eligible for a 50 percent discount on tuition. Students may enroll at both schools concurrently, allowing them to take lower-division courses from Hancock at the same time they take upper-division courses from the University of La Verne. Most students will need to take an additional 44 units from the University of La Verne to earn their bachelor’s degree. Flexible class schedules will accommodate working students.

Founded in 1891 and located 35 miles east of Los Angeles, University of La Verne is a private, nonprofit, comprehensive institution founded on four core values: lifelong learning, ethical reasoning, civic and community engagement, and diversity and inclusivity. The university serves more than 8,400 students at its historic La Verne campus as well as across many regional locations.

Hancock students and alumni can apply to the on-site programs or any other University of La Verne academic programs at laverne.edu/apply. An academic advisor for the partnership will be available for interested students at Hancock’s University Transfer Center, building A, Room A205, on June 20 and June 27 from 1-2:30 p.m. Additional workshops and information sessions are tentatively scheduled to take place in July.

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Last Modified Jun 20, 2019