Hancock Expands Program to Allow More High School Students to Complete College Credit Classes This Fall

Concurrent Enrollment classes will be offered at 10 area high schools

JUNE 14, 2017--Students will have more opportunities to jump start their college education without leaving their high school campuses this fall. Allan Hancock College has expanded its concurrent enrollment program and will offer classes at 10 area high schools. Cuyama Valley High School and Family Partnership Charter School joined the program this fall allowing students to simultaneously receive high school and college credit by completing classes. 

Concurrent enrollment classes will also be offered this fall at Cabrillo, Ernest Righetti, Lompoc, Pioneer Valley, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez, and St. Joseph high schools, along with Orcutt Academy.

“Concurrent enrollment is critical because it increases opportunities for students to pursue certificates and degrees or transfer to four-year institutions while in high school,” said Emily Smith, Hancock’s project director of K-12 Partnerships, College Work Experience and Career Development. “High school students develop the academic skills needed to be successful and gain confidence by completing a college course.”

Classes range from American government, French, statistics, history, entrepreneurship, life and career planning, physics, Spanish and archaeology. Instruction will take place at the participating schools by college-approved faculty. Students can take the classes at no charge at public high schools, while students at private schools may be required to pay some fees to participate. In order to participate, students must have at least junior standing in high school, and have a minimum 2.5 unweighted high school grade point average. 

“This is an incredible deal because students could potentially complete 12 units of college courses by the time they graduate high school. That is equivalent to a full semester’s worth of college classes,” said George A. Railey, Ed.D., Hancock’s associate superintendent/vice president, Academic Affairs. “The program will result in significant savings for students and parents.”

Research shows students who participate in concurrent enrollment programs enroll in college at higher rates and are more likely to earn college degrees.

Interested students and their parents should first meet with their high school counselors to plan for the fall schedule and complete required documentation. To view the available list of classes, please visit www.hancockcollege.edu/concurrentenrollment or see the list below.

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Note: The class list is subject to change. Please visit the Class Search on www.hancockcollege.edu for the up-to-date class listings.

Cabrillo High School

American Government (POLS 103)

Elementary French (FRENCH 101 & 102)

Elementary Statistics (MATH 123)

Introduction to Life and Career Planning (PROD 301)

US History to 1877 (HIST 107)


Cuyama Valley High School

Introduction to Life and Career Planning (PROD 301)


Ernest Righetti High School

Elementary Statistics (MATH 123)

General Psychology (PSY 101)

Introduction to Motion Picture and Video Production (FILM 110)


 Family Partnership Charter School

Introduction to Life and Career Planning (PROD 301)


Lompoc High School

Introduction to Life and Career Planning (PROD 301)

US History to 1877 (HIST 107)**


Orcutt Academy

Child Growth and Development (ECS 100)

Intro to Entrepreneurship (ENTR 101)**

Introduction to Life and Career Planning (PROD 301)

US History to 1877 ( HIST 107)

World Civilizations to 1600 (HIST 101)


Pioneer Valley High School

American Government (POLS 103)

Physical Geography (GEOG 101)**

US History to 1877 (HIST 107)


Santa Maria High School

American Government (POLS 103)

Concepts in Physics (PHYS 100)

Elementary French (FRENCH 101 & 102)**


Santa Ynez High School

Intro to Entrepreneurship (ENTR 101)

Introduction to Life and Career Planning (PROD 301)

US History to 1877 (HIST 107)






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