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Thank You to our Hancock Promise Partners!


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Mr. and Mrs. Leo Aquistapace Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Alarcio Mr. Tony Almaguer Ms. Carol Anders
Assn. of Community College Trustees Ms. Jan Bartleson Benefit Trust Company Big Red Marketing
Mr. William Connell and Ms. Louise Bilbro Mr. and Mrs. Robin Blakenbaker Ms. Kristine Blanchard Mr. Dean C. Borgan
Mr. Brian Brooks Mrs. Veronica Calibjo City of Solvang Clos Pepe Vineyards, LLC.
Dr. and Mrs. Zorus P. Colgazier Community Bank of Santa Maria Mr. and Mrs. Jay Conner Mr. Wynn Cook
Mr. Ivan F. Cordero Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cossa Mr. and Mrs. John and Marlyn Cox Dr. and Mrs. Lee-Voker Cox
Ms. Maggi Daane Mr. and Mrs. Michael Darlington Mr. Dante Dettamanti Diani Companies
Ms. Adrienne Dodd Mr. Robert Domingos Mr. George Ehman Dr. Kevin Walther and Ms. Shannon Elliot
Ms. Mary D. Falcon Ms. Gretchen Falvo Ms. Catherine M. Farley Mr. Michael Fernandez
Ms. Sherry L. Fitz-Gerald Ms. Mary L. Forth Co. J.C. Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Erik and Judy Frost
Ms. June Fusfield Mr. Stephen Gallion Mr. Jim Fields and Ms. April Gillette Mr. and Mrs. Larry Greer
Mrs. Beverly Grennan Mr. Barbara Grimmitt Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grogan Mr. Willy Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery C. Hall Ms. Ruth Reiner Hasman Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Priscilla Higgins Mr. Larry Thompson and Mrs. Susan Houghton
Invest in Others Ms. Jean Jacoby Mrs. Joan L. Jamieson Mr. and Mrs. Brad Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Patricia Jorgan Ms. Theressa Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kanter Mr. Dan Karleskint
Ms. Darlene V. Krouse Mr. Edward L. Kushner Mrs. Doris Lahr Dr. Margaret Lau
Mr. James Ledford Ms. Tosha Lewis Limotta IT Ms. Marna Lombardi
Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce Mrs. Michelle Machado Mark and Dorthy Smith Family Fdtn. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Markline
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Toni McCracken Mr. Toby McLaughlin Ms. Diane McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Melshiemer
Mr. Eric Melsheimer Ms. Esmerelda Mendoza Drs. Sam and Elizabeth Miller Mr. Leonard Deaton and Mrs. Mary Miller
Mr. Leonard Miyahara Dr. Michael Moats Mrs. Susan Moats Dr. and Mrs. Michael Moats
Ms. Candine Monge Ms. Laura Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Mary Nanning New Life Kitchen, Bath and Painting Mr. Robert Nichols Mrs. Anita and Leslie Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Norris Mrs. Eileen Okerblom Mrs. Nohemy Ornelas Ms. Jenelle Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Owen Ms. Janice Paulson Mr. and Mrs. Dan Payne Mr. Alex Posada
Mrs. Mary Lou and Tami Rabska Mr. George Radford Mr. Mark C. Rick Mr. and Mrs. Tom Robb
Ms. Glenda Rogers Roy and Ida Eagle Foundation Mr. John H. Sabedra Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union
Santa Maria Kiwanis 4 Kids Santa Ynez Valley Foundation Santa Ynez Valley Rotary Club Foundation Ms. Saundra Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Schrager Mr. and Mrs. Jack Scully Mr. Michael Sell Mrs. Franziska Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Sherry Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Slaughter Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith Mr. Joseph Plummer and Ms. Katherine Smith
Mr. George C. Smith III Ms. Raissa Smoral Mr. Chris Stevens Ms. Jill Stivers
Mr. Richard Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Ron Thatcher The Murphy Family Foundation Mr. Stephen Rassmusen and Ms. Thuy Thi Tran
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vasquez Mr. and Mrs. Rick Velasco Mr. Guy Walker and Mrs. Molly Carrillo- Walker Mr. Robert Weir
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Welt Wild West Pizza Williams-Corbett Foundation Ms. Irene Wong
Mr. Edwin Newhall Woods Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Wright Mr. Bruce Lackey Mr. David Hernandez

Join Us 

G. Allan Hancock standing next to an airplane 1930The college’s namesake, Captain G. Allan Hancock was a man who wore many hats and had many occupations. He was a farmer, scientist, sea captain, oilman, banker, and developer. A life-long learner, he believed all students, regardless of their ability to pay, should have access to the benefit of an education. 

Now, with the Hancock Promise, dreams are taking flight. Join us to support the future! 

You may also send a check made payable to the Allan Hancock College Foundation at: 
800 South College Drive
P.O. Box 5170, 
Santa Maria, CA 93456-5170. 

If you have any questions about the Hancock Promise or how to support the program,
please email or call (805) 347-7550. 

Thank you to our generous supporters of the Hancock Promise!