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Tools & Assets

  • 3D Printers:

    The Central Coast Makerspace has a number of different 3D printers available for your needs--find a schematic online, or draw up your own in a CAD program and get printing.
  • Vinyl Cutter:

    Mechanical accuracy and speed for all your vinyl projects, whether fabricating clothing, art pieces, or components for whatever you can dream up.
  • Laser Cutter:

    With a simple (or complex even) vector graphic file, you can either cut or etch into a variety of materials.  Great for making unique pieces or mass producing a component for bigger projects.
  • Button Makers:

    If you can put it on a 2.25" diameter circle, you can put it on a button.  Dual action crimping mechanism keeps those buttons crisp for years to come.
  • Portable Burners:

    With portable propane burners, making delicious and healthy meals is not restricted strictly to the kitchen.
  • Pizza Maker:

    This specialized oven makes cooking pizzas a breeze--indoor, outdoor, it works where ever hungry makers will be.
  • Portable Welders:

    These portable wielders will let makers certified in their use attach compatible materials on the go.
  • Cutting Plotters:

    Cricut brand die-cutting/cutting plotter machines to cut or write on materials ranging from paper to cardstock to cloth to posterboard.  Design something in their proprietary software and watch the machine make an idea reality.