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How can LAP help me?

Services and Technology

The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) primary function is to provide educational support through reasonable accommodations, instruction, assessment, counseling, and advocacy to students with disabilities who are enrolled in the district’s credit courses.

The types of services provided include:

Academic and Disability counseling

  • Disability related counseling to determine appropriate accommodations
  • Liaison with campus faculty and staff
  • Liaison and referral services with community resources
  • Individual and group orientations to LAP services
  • Registration instruction and assistance
  • Priority registration
  • Occupational and vocational counseling
  • A link to four year university disability services

Learning Disabilities Services 

  • Diagnostic testing for learning disabilities
  • Determination of appropriate accommodations for a learning disability
  • Liaison with campus faculty and staff 

Instructional Strategies and Study Skill Training

  • Time management strategies
  • Textbook reading strategies
  • Writing strategies
  • Note taking strategies
  • Study strategies
  • Test taking strategies
  • Memory strategies
  • Computer strategies
  • Study Skills Course-LS 101

Adaptive Technology Computer Lab

  • Access to computers with assistive technology
  • Basic college computer skills training
  • Assistive technology training
  • Assistive technology website
  • Equipment training and loan
  • LS 312-Adapted Computer Skills course

Services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing

  • Captioning service
  • Sign language interpreting service
  • TTD access
  • Reader/Writer service
  • Note taking service

Other services

  • Test taking facility for extended test time
  • Alternative media including e-text, large print and Braille
  • Assistive equipment loan
  • Transportation services
  • Adaptive parking
  • Motorized scooter loan for on campus transportation