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Disability Awareness

October is Disability Awareness Month. Outside of this month, disability is a growing topic of literature, research, theater, and conversation. Disability studies offers insight into the experience of people with disabilities and the cultures that grow around them. 

Stream Crip Cramp for free. On the heels of Woodstock, a group of teen campers are inspired to join the fight for disability civil rights. This spirited look at grassroots activism is executive produced by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

JSTOR provides a wonderful collection of articles on disability and the evolution of thought on the subject. 

Please take time to review the fascinating stories and rich history that are the hallmark of disability studies.  

Below are a collection of videos, podcasts, and webpages that provide information about the disability movement, the history of disability in civil rights efforts, and current projects and productions by the disability community.


October 14: Register to participate in a workshop on Effective Communication Strategies for Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals

October 14: Learn more about inclusive workplaces for the health care field with "Alone in the Ring" theater presentation.

October 28: Do you have a MAC or iPhone? Learn about the top 10 accessibility features.

October 20: Are you thinking about entering a medical field, but have concerns about accessibility or perceptions of disability? Learn more from a field of professionals with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Four decades ago, Judith Heumann helped to lead a groundbreaking protest called the Section 504 sit-in -- in which disabled-rights activists occupied a federal building for almost a month, demanding greater accessibility for all. In this personal, inspiring talk, Heumann tells the stories behind the protest -- and reminds us that, 40 years on, there's still work left to do. Listen to Judith Heumann's Ted Talk. 

Like black studies, women’s studies and other liberation-movement disciplines, disability studies teaches that it is an unaccepting society that needs normalizing, not the minority group. “Disablement comes from a confluence of social factors that shape one’s identity,” says Tammy Berberi, president of the Society for Disability Studies. “It is not a distinct physical condition or a private struggle.”

A life-changing moment is captured in each of these dramatic monologues. Disabled actor and writer, Mat Fraser, curates these powerful monologues — written, directed and performed by disabled people.

Watch CripTales

The Disability Visibility Project is an online community dedicated to creating, sharing, and amplifying disability media and culture.


What makes you jump out of bed? Cole Blakeway, a messy ten year old teaches us the value of celebrating differences as he describes his beautiful friendship with a man with Autism. In a world that gravitates to being the same, Cole Blakeway reminds us that we are all different and that's AWESOME!

Cole's TedTalk