Institutional Data

 All data have been updated through Fall 2017.

Program Data

Enrollment/FTEs/Success & Retention/Degrees & Certificates

Distance Learning Onsite vs. Online; Success & Retention

How successful are AHC students in online courses compared to onsite courses?

Course Efficiency

What is the fill rate and FTES/FTEF ratio of AHC courses?

Prerequisite Corequisite Advisory Compare

Do prerequisites help students achieve better outcomes?

Scheduling Data

Schedule Companion Data

Data to use while building your schedule for future terms.

 For definitions of common data terms, see Data Definitions.

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Fall Student Headcount

Fall headcount

Enrollment Status

Enrollment Status
Age Groups

Age groups: 37%-19 or less, 31% 20-24, 12% 25-29, 6% 30-34, 4% 35-39, 5% 40-49, 4% 50+


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