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Where do I find eLumen?

  • Click on Faculty Resources on the drop down menu to the left of your myHancock portal. You will be brought to the page shown in the image below. Click on the light bulb icon to access eLumen. 

Use your myHancock login/password to access eLumen. All teaching faculty will have an account. If you cannot access or need assistance, please contact Steven Butler @ Ext. 3824 or email at

eLumen icon in myHancock

What is eLumen?

eLumen software was purchased to house student learning outcomes and assessment data.  Roles are defined in eLumen to limit access and sharing. Only faculty teaching a specific course will see their own data. All other views of data will be aggregated.

 eLumen Need to know

  • eLumen houses student learning outcomes for each course and can be accessed by faculty teaching the course using their myHancock login.
  • eLumen provides insight on course strengths and weaknesses by cataloging assessments of each SLO.
  • eLumen provides faculty a printed report of their status on assessing student learning outcomes which can be included in the program review annual update and eliminates the need to prepare charts and narratives for all SLOs.
  • eLumen data can be declared in an assessment (aggregate scoring) which means you only enter 3 numbers in eLumen for each learning outcome per course you assess (note: IE recommends data be entered at the student level, but it is not mandatory. This will allow for disaggregation of the data as required by ACCJC).
  • eLumen data will not be used for full-time faculty evaluation.
  • eLumen data will support the college’s accreditation recommendation.
  • eLumen also supports the ACCJC’s accreditation requirements.

elumen UPDate & training

Contact your LOAC Liaison for information on training or "How to" documents. 

eLumen 'how to' documents

Canvas eLumen Interface  - How to access eLumen through Canvas.

Step-by-step eLumen Basics for Faculty - Steps to follow to find an assessments, create an assessment, score students on scorecard and respond to a faculty reflection.

Department Coordinators - View the faculty reflections to write your course improvement plan (CIP). PDF - New feature in eLumen to easily view your faculty reflections to assist in writing a CIP. 


Steven Butler
Senior Research and Planning Analyst
1-805-922-6966 ext.3824