What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new phenomenon that allows us the opportunity to fundraise small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the internet with a click of a button.

Crowdfunding Campaigns 

Love Your Club 2018

Love Your Club, AHC Student Club Crowdfunding






Love Your Club 2017

Love Your Club, AHC Student Club Crowdfunding






The Inaugural Love Your Club campaign was a great success! Donations totaled $15,506 with 195 gifts! These 10 student led campaigns would not be successful without the support of all our donors.

Thank you for making a difference in student lives!  

Coach Carney and female basketball playerCarney's Coaches vs Cancer

The Coaches vs. Cancer program is a nationwide collaboration between the American Cancer Society® and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. This initiative leverages the personal experiences, community leadership, and professional excellence of coaches nationwide to increase cancer awareness and promote healthy living through year-round awareness efforts, fundraising activities, and advocacy programs. Cancer has touched many in the coaching ranks, including one of Allan Hancock College’s own, Larry Carney.

Carney was first diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 49-years-old. Seven years after beating cancer, the disease returned in his abdomen. Cancer returned a fourth time a few years ago. He is still receiving treatment, all the while maintaining a positive attitude and inspiring student-athletes, staff, and faculty at Hancock.

The Carney’s Coaches Vs Cancer event raised over $3,500 dollars to help support the Mission Hope Cancer Center and our local cancer survivors. 

For more information on crowdfunding contact:

Natalie Rucobo, Advancement Specialist
Allan Hancock College Foundation
(805) 925-2004


The AHC Foundation is an IRS recognized non-profit organization founded in 1977.
Tax ID # 95-3143396

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