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Fine Arts Complex
Grand Opening


Fine Arts Complex Grand Opening

Friday, Feb. 24, 4-6 p.m.
4-4:30 pm. Ribbon cutting
4:30-6 p.m. Self-guided tours featuring exhibits, demonstrations, and performances
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Allan Hancock College is excited to celebrate the largest facility project ever undertaken at the college. The Fine Arts Complex is a world-class hub for creativity and learning. The two-story, 88,000 square-foot facility includes a 400-seat music venue and houses the college’s dance, drama, film, graphics, music, photography, and multimedia arts and communications programs. 

Event Parking

Event parking is free. Please park in lots 1, 2, 3, or 8. See map below for details.

Fine Arts Complex Event Parking

Event Demonstrations


  • Sculpting/Hand Building | Room F-159 | Candance Vosburg, Instructor
  • Pottery/Wheel Throwing | Room F-159 | Mike McNutt, Instructional Assistant
  • Interactive Mural | Room F-188 | Laura-Susan Thomas, Instructor
  • Drawing Exhibit & Demonstration | Room F-224 | Adrienne Allebe, Associate Professor
  • Painting Demonstration | Room F-219 | Patrick Trimbath, Associate Professor
  • Interactive Mural: Sound Beast Pod #42 | Room F-188 | Laura-Susan Thomas, Instructor


  • Salsa Class Demonstration | Room F-142 | Jesus Solorio, Associate Professor
  • Dimensions in Dance Performance | Room F-137 | Sydney Sorenson, Assistant Professor


  • Jazz Band Performance | Room F-100 | Sean Abel, Ph.D., Band Director
  • Choir Performance | Room F-108 | Nichole Dechaine, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Beat Production Demonstration | Room F-119 | Chris Diaz, Ph.D., Professor

Drama/Theatre Arts

  • Stage Makeup Demonstration | Room F-168 | Michael Dempsey, Professor
  • Acting/Scene Work Demonstration | Room F-166 | Michael Dempsey, Professor


  • Animation Exhibit | Room F-217 | Sian Geraghty, Assistant Professor


  • Film Screening | Room F-257 | Tim Webb, Professor/Michele Simonsen, Instructor

Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design Exhibit | Room F-210 | Nancy Jo Ward, Professor


  • Photography Exhibit | Rooms F-230 & F-238 | Shane Anderson, Assistant Professor

Facility Sustainability Facts

  • HVAC & Hot Water System | Room F-201 | Kalin Middleton, Heating & Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Landscaping & Solar Energy | Terrace | Gerals Domingues, Landscape Superviso

Facility Project Information

The college broke ground on the Fine Arts Complex in September of 2020. Funding for the Fine Arts Complex was provided by the voter-approved Bond Measure I, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, and generous support from the estate of former Hancock faculty member Patricia Boyd. The facility brings together under one roof all the fine arts and performing arts programs that previously resided in multiple buildings across campus. For more information, visit the Fine Arts Complex project information webpage.