Basic Reporting and Notification Procedures

The quickest, easiest way to obtain professional help for any type of emergency not specifically covered by these procedures is to:

Dial 911 to reach the Santa Maria Police Dispatch, or Lompoc Police Dispatch, who will then contact the AHC Police Department.

Cell Phone Users 

911 calls dialed from cell phones are routed to the regional CHP dispatch in San Luis Obispo. To directly reach the Santa Maria Police Dispatch, dial 925-2631, or for Lompoc Police Dispatch, dial 736-4511.

  • Stay calm and carefully explain the problem and specific location, (e.g., west side of building “A”) to the dispatcher.
  • Stay on the telephone with dispatcher until told to hang up.
  • Notify your dean, director, or supervisor of the emergency and begin to take the appropriate action warranted by the situation.
  • Administrator in charge will appraise the situation and give direction based on available information.

Special Instructions

Please remember that Allan Hancock College employs a Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) during district emergencies.

An integral part of SEMS is the establishment of the Incident Command Center. As soon as the Incident Command Center is activated, you will be notified either in person or via all-staff voicemail as to the status of the emergency as it relates to the operation of the college’s activities. Remember to check your voicemail often.

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Last Modified Oct 23, 2018