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Student FAQs

What is CWE?

  • An opportunity for hands-on learning that enhances your classroom studies.
  • A way to earn college credit for practical experience gained on a work site.
  • A paid or volunteer experience in your career area, sponsored and coordinated by AHC
  • Units are awarded based on the completion of learning objectives that have specific and measurable outcomes, hours worked, a written report and completion of all required paperwork.

How can CWE help me?

  • An internship allows you to make informed decisions about your career and enables you to change career goals prior to graduation if the present career track doesn’t measure up to your expectations.
  • In addition to the experience an internship provides, you may gain valuable business contacts and references.
  • Students who complete an internship often do significantly better in both salary and opportunities after graduation.

Are Internships full or part-time?

    Internships may be full or part-time. They will be determined specifically by the employer. Typically internships are part-time.

How long do internships last?

    The duration of an internship is determined by the employer, but will generally last the entire duration of the semester/term.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

    Internships can be either paid or unpaid.

How many Units are CWE Classes Worth?

    Students may enroll in 1-4 units (CWE-149) or 1-3 units (CWE-302). Unit enrollment directly correlates to the amount of hours worked in the Semester/term and if the internship is paid or unpaid. See table below.
Units Enrolled
Unpaid Internships
Paid Internships
60 hours
75 hours
120 hours
150 hours
180 hours
225 hours

How do I Enroll?

  • Students must secure an internship or job opportunity with an employer independently, through individual academic departments and programs and/or the Career Center.
  • Students can’t officially enroll until attending the mandatory orientation. Students may put themselves on the waitlist prior to the orientation.
  • Attend the mandatory orientation for each semester/term (click on the CRN for specific times and locations).
  • An Add code will be provided to students at the orientation allowing official enrollment in the correct CWE course.

Do students attend classes?

    Yes. There is one mandatory class (orientation) meeting the first week of the semester/term.

Are CWE units transferable?

    CWE courses transfer to the CSU system as elective units. However, students should consult with an academic counselor for potential unit limitations.

Does CWE find a job or internship for me?

    No. CWE provides a resource for students to apply to internships and receive credit for either a job or internship. To be eligible to enroll in CWE, students will need to search and apply for internships.

What is required of my employer?

Employers will be required and must be willing to do the following:

  • Meet with a CWE faculty advisor
  • Sign off and approve the student’s workplace learning objective (s)
  • Sign timesheets
  • Complete a mid and end-of-term job performance evaluation

Can CWE be taken more than once?

    CWE may be repeated, but is not to exceed 16 units in total. Units earned in any other Cooperative Work Experience course(s) will be included in the 16 unit maximum.