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Remote ERT Classes

Most fall classes at AHC will be offered remotely.

The location REMOTE ERT (Emergency Remote Teaching) designation will identify fall classes that transitioned from being taught on-campus to being taught remotely.

Please note that students will NOT have access to their remote courses until the first day of the course and after the instructor publishes their course in Canvas.

How does ERT: Emergency Remote Teaching Work?

ERT learning takes place in real time, which means you will interact with your instructor and classmates during your specific class times each week. Your instructors may use video conferencing, teleconferencing, live-chatting, and/or live-streaming lectures. Instructors may use applications like Canvas, email, ConexED, Zoom, Google Drive, etc. to communicate course materials, activities, and assessments. Overall, ERT is like attending class from your home.

How Does DL-Online Teaching Work?

DL-Online learning happens on a flexible schedule. Your class instruction will take place separate from your instructor with the assistance of technology. Instruction, which may include lectures, discussions, activities, assignments, quizzes, and exams, will take place online. Your instructors may include self-guided lessons, streaming video content, virtual libraries, posted lecture notes, and conversations on discussions boards. Overall, DL-Online gives you the flexibility to complete your classes on your own time.

For online learning resources, please click this link


To Prepare for Your ERT and Online Classes


Canvas is AHC’s Learning Management System. Instructors may use Canvas to post assignments, discussion boards, quizzes, and exams. They may also use it to make announcements about the class or as a starting point for your class.



ConexED allows instructors to create video meetings for their classrooms. Instructors can show class materials in real time to engage with students. It also allows students to participate through video and chat.

For additional resources:

· ConexED Knowledge Base

· System Requirements



Many instructors use Zoom for class time interactions. Zoom allows instructors and students to share screens, present information, and participate in discussion in real time.

· Zoom instructions for participants

· Zoom user guide


Technology Requirements

For ERT, students should plan to have access to a computer, webcam, and microphone. Most laptops can support your ERT classes. If you need access to a laptop, Hancock's ITS department offers laptops for checkout.

Although smart phones are capable for many ERT classes, we recommend you use a computer. If you cannot checkout a laptop with ITS, there are other programs that offer laptop lending programs (Library, NextUp, EOPS, CARE, CalWORKS).


Computer and Internet Browser Tips for Canvas:

· What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas?

· Which web browsers should I use with Canvas?

· Browser Plugins, Extensions and Privacy Settings.

· Which web browser am I am using?


Internet Access

There are many resources for internet access at home. You can view some of these options in the "Internet Resources" section of our Helpful Student Resources webpage


Campus Resources Available Remotely

· Tutoring

· Writing Center

· Library

· Counseling

· Language Lab