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Campus Assessment and Support Team (CAST)

Allan Hancock College strives to provide a safe environment for all who study, visit and work here. If there is ever a time when you feel the need to report behaviors that concern you for the safety of our faculty, staff or students, procedures are in place for addressing disruptive, suspicious, or unusual behavior.


Mission Statement:
The mission of the Allan Hancock College’s Campus Assessment and Support Team (CAST) is to improve and promote safety and wellness by coordinating information and developing support plans for people of concern.

Crisis Intervention

If you are having suicidal feelings, or having difficulty controlling the urge to hurt yourself or someone else, or know someone who is having these feelings, seek help immediately:

immediate Crisis response

Call 1-805-922-6966, ext 3652 (SM) & 5652 (LVC),
or 3911 (SM) or 5911 (LVC) from any campus phone

or 911 from a non-campus phone

Personal counseling

Counseling is offered for students in Santa Maria and LVC, hours are available during the week by appointment and walk-in. 1-805-922-6966, ext 3212, Building W, Room 12.

Drug-Free Schools and Campus Regulations