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Career Center Gallery

Career Exploration Day

The purpose of this event is to expose college and high school students to career opportunities within our community. It also showcases programs at AHC that provide the necessary career training and education. This event is held during the fall semester. 


High School Leadership Camp

The AHC Career Center Summer High School Leadership Camp provides high school students with advanced career readiness and leadership skills in a challenging five-day, 30-hour camp environment. 



 Hancock Handshake

Hancock Handshake hiring events allow local industry partners to interview and hire AHC students for vacant positions within their organization. We work directly with CTE faculty and industry representatives to identify interested, qualified students seeking employment. 

Career Carnival

The  purpose of this event is to serve as the next step in the Path to Promise progression as students prepare for high school. These events are intended to fully integrate within the Guided Pathways framework as students explore different areas of interest at AHC.



CTE Junior Day introduces high school students to Hancock's CTE programs that align with their CTE high school pathways at local high schools in Northen Santa Barbara County.




 Each summer the Career Center team hosts the "All Hands on Deck" three day intensive customer service training. The purpose for this annual training is to sharpen individual customer service and leadership skills, while cultivating a school culture powered by innovation and teamwork.