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Career Cruising

Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that helps people of all ages achieve their potential in school, career and life.  

  • Build Self-awareness
  • Explore in-depth information on multiple occupations, including multimedia interviews, workplace photos, sample career paths, job search, and much more
  • Identify career matches based on interests and skills through integrated assessments
  • Review personalized feedback to understand the results to future pathway 
  1. Visit
    - (AHC) Username: hancock
    - (AHC) Password: allan
  2. Select Create My Plan
    - Create your sign-in
    - Click Create My Plan
  3. Click Assessments
    - Click Matchmaker & My Skills and start new matchmaker
    - Review job sectors choices
    - Click Answer More Questions
    - Review job sectors choices
    - Click on Start My Skills
    - Review job sectors choices
  4. Click Print Assessment Results
    - Click Print My Plan
    - Print My Plan
    - Choose desired sections
    - Print Report (You can print job choices at any time)
  5. Click My Careers tab
    - Type in job choice and review information and videos (in the life of a professional in that job)
    - Click My Education
    - Search for majors and school locations
  6. Employment
    - You can upload any assessments
    - You can upload resumes, etc.