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Additional Resources

Non-Credit Counseling's Resource Page

A list of community resources relating to education, immigration, healthcare, and more!


Allows undocumented student and documented nonresident students who meet certain requirements to pay in state tuition fees at any UC, CSU, or California Community College. 

CA DREAM ACT APPLICATION (CADAA) - Financial Aid for eligible undocumented students.
The result Assembly Bills 130 & 131, which allows eligible undocumented students to apply for and receive state-based financial aid and institutional scholarships.

Free immigration legal services and case support for students, staff, and faculty on California community college campuses statewide or virtually.

IMPORTA is one of Santa Barbara County's largest legal providers focused on providing free quality legal immigration services to members of the Central Coast.

Academic Support

ACADEMIC COUNSELINGStudent coloring in a theraputic sheet

The staff and faulty are committed to the students success and provide academic, career, transfer, and personal counseling needs. 


The program is statewide designed to increase the number of students attending college. Serving those students in elementary, middle school, high school, and community college students who meet the required criteria. Educating, motivating, and informing students on college admissions and financial aid while also offering free tutoring. 


A partnership between AHC and the Department of Social Services to serve Welfare to individuals and families within our community. One of the objectives of Cal Works is to assist students on developing and strengthen their workplace skills while completing their educational goals. 

Employee helping students work on the computerCAN/TRIO

The program is designed to serve those who are first generation college students ,economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities. In serving this population the program increases retention rates, increases transfer rates to a four-year and helps students succeed in an academic setting. 


A state funded program for single parents attending AHC. A few of the services provided to the students are childcare grants, on campus good vouchers, gas vouchers, school supplies, and tutor assistance. 


The program is a state-funded program designed to provide financial assistance, support, an encouragement for low income students. 

LEARNING ASSISTANCE PROGRAMStudent using the computer to do homework

Provides students with the equal opportunity and access to students with disabilities through necessary accommodations, instruction, assessment, counseling, and advocacy. 


Department dedicated to providing safe environment where learning can take place.