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FALL  2015

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

Apply for the UC TAG program

Santa Maria UTC    
September 1 12:30-2 pm A-103 *See Application Tips handout
September 9 3:30-5 pm  A-103 *See Application Tips handout
September 17 4-5:30 pm A-103 *See Application Tips handout
September 22 12-1:30 pm A-103 *See Application Tips handout
Lompoc Valley Center Counseling    
September 10 1:30-3 pm 2-121 See Application Tips handout


Transfer Basics

Learn the basics of transferring to a four-year university.

Santa Maria Campus,  UTC  
September  23 3:30-4:30 . A-103
October 6 2:30-4:30 A-103
Lompoc Valley Center UTC  
October 7 1:30-2:30 2-101


Transfer Basics Workshop Handouts:

Application Workshops

Santa Maria UTC    
  October 1 CSU 2-3:30 pm A-103
 *October 13 CSU 4-6 pm A-103
*October 14 CSU 10-12 pm A-403
**October 15 CSU 11-12:30 pm A-403
*October 19 CSU 2-4 pm A-403
 *October 27 UC 4-6 pm A-103
  November 5 UC 3-4 pm A-103 
 *November 10 UC 4-6 pm A-103
 *November 17 CSU 4-6 pm A-103
  November 23 CSU 1:30-3 pm A-103
  November 24 UC 10-11 am A-103
Lompoc Valley Center Counseling    
*October 7 CSU 3:30-5 pm 2-118
October 20 UC 9:30-11 am 2-118
*November 5 CSU 1-2:30 pm 2-121
November 17 CSU 3:30-5 pm 2-121

*These workshops are interactive.  Students must register and follow the "before you begin" steps listed in the Application Tips Handout below.

**Interactive workshop with representatives from Cal Poly, SLO and CSU Northridge will be facilitating this workshop

Application Tips Handout

advanced transfer

Learn detailed information about transferring to a four-year university (i.e. UC TAG, A.D.T.)

Santa Maria Campus,  UTC  
December 3 12-1 pm A-103


Advanced Transfer Workshop Handouts

You can afford college

Worried about affording college beyon Hancock? Come learn about the reality of university costs and how you can make it work for you!

Santa Maria Campus    
December 3 A-205 12-1 pm 



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Elizabeth Zuniaga

Elizabeth Zuniaga
Accounting Student

"You get to work on the different situations of a company: how to manage the balance sheet, the income statements, stockholders equity. I want to get to a place where I would improve myself in a better life and not just apply at any job. By taking this class it will help me to understand a foundation to the job that I will be working in. It's really fun."
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