Faculty Inquiry Groups (FIGs) explore innovative instructional methodologies, alternative delivery systems, pilot new instructional methods and implement solutions based on data obtained from their action research projects. They share best practices from these piloted activities and invite input from colleagues.

Faculty who attend conferences and symposiums are welcome to provide input during the FIG sessions. 

If you would like more information regarding Faculty Inquiry Groups, contact:

Nohemy Ornelas
Project Director, Title V AIM Grant


Resources and Links

Allan Hancock College Library: The library at AHC offers many resources to faculty - from research assistance to Internet Resources For Instructors primarily designed for faculty in higher education.   

Instructional Technology Council (ITC): Their mission is to provide leadership and professional development in higher education to its network of eLearning practitioners by
advocating, collaborating, researching, and sharing exemplary, innovative practices and potential in educational technologies. Webinars can be viewed for a nominal fee thanks to a membership purchased with Title V Grant funds. 

California Acceleration Project: The California Acceleration Project supports the state’s 113 community colleges to redesign their developmental English and Math curricula and
increase student completion.

CCCCO Basic Skills and ESL Resource Page: Information regarding activities, forum for discussing and disseminating research findings and other pertinent resources.   


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Keely Moriarty

Keely Moriarty
Fire Academy Student

"The academy has shown me a lot more than I even suspected. It's showed me the physical demands that you need to reach and the instructors push you over the limits just so that when go to do the real thing you can achieve that. You'll push yourself and eventually reach the limits that you thought you were never capable of. You get really hands-on with all your crew and working with each of the instructors. The most valuable thing that I've learned in the academy is learning to work to your own level of excellence. Being at the college has been a great experience."

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