English and Math Placement (Multiple Measures)

Get a second look. It could save you time and money. See a counselor today. You may not need to take the START placement test...

You can now be placed in English and math classes based on multiple measures including your performance in high school. This means, there is an opportunity to shorten your time to graduate and/or transfer.

Other options for placement

  • Successful completion of an English and/or math refresher course at Allan Hancock College. 
  • CSU EAP or EPT: Students can place into English 101 if they have scored as college-level ready on the CSU’s Early Assessment Program (EAP) or English Placement Test (EPT). Students may also demonstrate readiness by successfully completing the CSU twelfth grade expository reading and writing course.
  • AP Test: Students receiving an AP language and composition score of 3, 4, or 5 can place out of and receive credit for English 101.  

See a counselor as soon as possible to find out how multiple placement measures could benefit you. Please bring a copy of your unofficial high school transcript.

Do my START scores give me the highest placement in English and math?

Placement will be determined by whichever option yields the highest placement, i.e., high school coursework or START test results. START testing will not be needed for priority registration as prior high school courses will be used in lieu of the testing option if properly reported on the CCCApply application and a student has attended high school within the last ten years. 

Many factors can affect a student’s decision to use START test scores for placement in English and math:

  • Students may believe their high school coursework and grades are not indicative of their abilities and could potentially improve their placement.
  • Students may be returning to school after a long educational absence and believe their high school course knowledge would not apply to them at this time.
  • Students will not be at a disadvantage if they do decide to take the START test as the higher placement between the test and high school coursework will be used for course selection.

See a counselor as soon as possible to find out how multiple placement measures could benefit you.  

  Andres hates tests. Why is he so excited about college? 

Andres is a current high school senior who hates tests! He always does worse than he expects. 

Andres heard that he would need to take a placement test for English and math. Afraid he would not do well on the test, Andres began to wonder if he should even go to college. 

Luckily, the counselor noticed his panic and told him about "multiple measures" that he could use to place Andres in English and math.

Based on his high school performance, Andres didn't even need to take any placement tests! Guess who is now going to college now? Andres is!

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  How did Lissette save time and money before transferring to UCLA? 

Lissette is an Allan Hancock College student. She has been at Hancock for one year and is making her way to transfer to UCLA in Computer Science.

In high school Lisette took AP Calculus; however, when she took the START test, she placed into foundational mathematics (MATH 521). As she was preparing her schedule for next fall, she decided she needed to go see a counselor to discuss her course options.

The counselor, told her based on her math courses in high school and overall unweighted GPA, Lissette could go straight to Calculus 1 (MATH 181). Lissette was so excited as she was able to save both time and money! 

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Visit a counselor at any of these Hancock locations: Counseling Department (Santa Maria Campus, Lompoc Valley, Vandenberg and Solvang centers), EOPS, LAP, UTC, MESA, STEM, CAN, or Career Center.

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