Inaugural Love Your Club Crowdfunding Campaign to Feature Ten Hancock Clubs and Programs In Need of Community Support

A unique opportunity to empower Hancock clubs and the community

Mar. 14, 2017 --From putting more pep into the student pep band to sending architecture students to a design competition to rescuing animals or helping the softball team purchase and install bleachers, there are ten student clubs at Allan Hancock College that need the community’s support to reach their goals. The college launched its inaugural Love Your Club campaign Monday, March 13, hoping the community will show its love and impact students’ lives by donating online.

“Love Your Club is a great platform to utilize the social media networks of our students, staff and supporters to reach a wider audience for appeal,” said Stephanie Robb, Hancock’s student activities coordinator. “The 10 clubs have proposed small projects with the potential to make big impacts. Everyone will be able to identify and connect with at least one of the projects.”

The ten student groups include the Veg club; the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS); the Jazz and Pep club; the softball team; the Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Honor Society, the cast of Dance Spectrum; the Students Organizing for Advocacy and Retention (SOAR) club; the Advance, Innovate, Maintain (AIM) Scholarship Fund; the Drama club; and the Nutrition & Wellness club. A committee handpicked the groups after students pitched their fundraising ideas during an event modeled after the reality show Shark Tank.

“The chance to participate in the Love Your Club project is a really unique opportunity,” said Jonathan Huffman, president of the Jazz and Pep club. “To see Hancock use crowdfunding as another way to help students is very exciting and I am proud to be a part of the first campaign.”

“I think the campaign is awesome,” added Brianna Turk with the Drama club, which is raising funds to put on a one-act Chicano play. “Our club enriches and empowers students and the community through our project. People who donate are helping us obtain resources to do what we are passionate about.”

The campaign will run through Monday, April 17. Supporters can donate online at All donations are tax deductible, and will be distributed directly to the groups by the Allan Hancock College Foundation. The crowdfunding webpage includes links for people to learn more about the groups. Every student group has a webpage that includes videos, photographs, descriptions of what they are fundraising for and how they plan to use the funds, as well as a place for people to donate. Groups also explain what people’s donations will buy. For example, $10 with the Veg club will feed one pig for one week, while $100 will feed 120 animals for three days. A $60 donation to the architecture club will cover the travel expenses for one team of six students. Every $50 donated to the Jazz and Pep band will add another song to the club’s music library.

“Every program needs a lot of things to be successful. We need uniforms, even as simple as a polo shirt, to improve our group recognition and feel more official,” said Matthew Barcus, the band’s conductor. “Most of our band members have their own instruments, but if we could purchase some for the club, we could gain even more members.”

The groups’ fundraising goals range from about $3,000-25,000.

The Jazz and Pep band set a $3,400 goal to purchase uniforms, music to build a substantial library of songs, and instruments. The band performs during community and college events, like Hancock football and baseball games.

The Veg club hopes to raise $5,000 for Happy Hen Chicken Rescue, a non-profit in San Luis Obispo County dedicated to ending cruelty toward animals. Donations will help purchase food for the rescued animals, as well as go toward ending animal abuse by helping rescue individuals and educating the public on how they can do the least harm.

“People should donate to our campaign because animal lives are important, and they need rescue and love just as much as their dogs or cats at home,” said Bailey Hall, president of the Veg club. “We would be extremely grateful for people’s support. Happy Hen Chicken Rescue goes above and beyond for their more than 120 residents.”

The AIAS club has set a goal of $6,000 to pay for materials needed to compete in Design Village, a three-day competition hosted by Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Students design, plan, build and live in a structure based on their interpretation of the give theme. Funds will pay for membership fees, transportation and materials.

Students in the Drama club are raising funds to allow them to put on a free play on campus, as well as take a field trip to see The Book of Mormon in Los Angeles. The club performed a Chicano play, El Jardin, during the fall semester. A $30 gift will help the club publicize its next play with posters, while $100 will fund one set of lighting equipment for evening shows.

“It would mean so much for people to donate to our cause. It always feels good when people can connect to our mission and feel compelled to support it,” said Turk. “Every little bit counts, and as a creative bunch, we know how to make the most of it.”

The SOAR club is dedicated to improving student life at the college’s Lompoc Valley Center through student involvement. The club seeks about $7,000 to procure and install two murals on the Lompoc campus. Every $20 donation to SOAR helps pay for one square foot of the mural.

“Artwork carries with it a mixture of cultural, historical and societal appreciation,” said Michael Huggins, Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) president. “We want to instill a more social and prideful attitude on the campus, as well as bridge the gap between the college and city of Lompoc. We feel the mural will accomplish both goals.”

Students in the Nutrition & Wellness club are committed to saving lives, one bite at a time through educating people how easy it is to prepare meals and snacks that are delicious, nutritious, fast and affordable. The club hopes to raise $5,000 to assemble a team of nutrition advocates to create recipes, conduct cooking demonstrations and tastings, and produce a series of one-minute cooking videos.

Students learning how to speak English at Hancock will also receive a boost through the campaign. The community can help fund AIM student scholarships to help noncredit ESL students transition into credit classes. Many of these students pay out-of-state rates to take credit classes because they are not yet permanent residents. The scholarships funds can be used to pay for tuition, books, supplies and other school-related expense.

The Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (AGS) wants to raise $5,000 to send 25 members and two advisors to the AGS State Spring Convention. Students want to attend the three-day conference to learn how to improve their leadership skills, network, and learn about scholarship and how to make a difference in their community. A gift of $20 will purchase one shirt for a member attending the conference. A donation of $100 will pay roundtrip transportation for five students.

The cast of Dance Spectrum, the dance department’s annual spring performance, has targeted $4,000 to allow professional dancer Jonathan Platero to choreograph and teach a routine to students. Platero appeared on television shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Glee.

The athletic department is seeking championship-caliber seats for its championship-caliber team. The softball team is raising $25,000 to purchase and install bleachers at the field that will provide enough seating for the college to host playoff games. Donations will also help pay for field enhancements.

“Even if a person doesn’t want to contribute financially, they can help by sharing the love,” said Robb. “We want people to share with friends on Facebook and Instagram, tweet it or forward an email. One of the greatest things about crowdfunding is it has unlimited potential because it’s so easy to donate or spread the word on your computer and cell phone.”

The Love Your Club campaign runs through April 17. Donations can be made online at . For more information, contact the College Advancement office at 1-805-922-6966 ext. 3675 or email

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The Jazz and Pep club (pictured above) and the Nutrition and Wellness club (pictured below) are two of the 10 student clubs and organizations selected for the inaugural Love Your Club campaign at Allan Hancock College. Community members can donate online to help impact students’ lives. Donations can be made at through April 17.

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