$37,500 Grant Will Fund Scholarships and Develop Curriculum for Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Hancock was one of 19 programs statewide to receive this grant.

CNA GrantMAY 6, 2014 -- The certified nursing assistant (CNA) program at Allan Hancock College has received a shot in the arm in the form of a $37,500 grant from the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation.  The CNA program prepares students to work on the front lines of patient care with basic nursing skills.  The grant will fund scholarships and curriculum development during the 2014-15 school year.

“We truly appreciate the continued generosity of the Rupe Foundation,” said Mary Pat Nelson, director of Hancock’s CNA program.  “This grant allows us to help some students focus solely on their studies instead of worrying about how to afford their books.”

Nelson said roughly $30,000 from the grant would fund scholarships and be split evenly between fall 2014 and spring 2015.  Each semester, the program accepts 30 students to go through the CNA program.

Hancock was one of 19 CNA programs in California, and the only one on the Central Coast, awarded grants by the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation in 2014.  The foundation’s mission is to sustain and strengthen certified nursing assistant and home health aide training programs in the state.

Previously, the foundation gifted $10,000 to Hancock for the 2012-13 school year for technological improvements and to purchase equipment, such as lifts to raise and lower patients.  A $25,000 grant awarded during the 2013-14 school year resulted in the purchase of iPads and blood pressure cuffs.

“Instructors, like me, are able to adapt our teaching methods to the new generation of students,” said Geri Royce, a CNA instructor for 14 years at Hancock.  “We can keep our students engaged in the classroom and in the lab thanks to the grants.”

Students acknowledged previous grants had already improved their learning experience with the program.  “We cannot thank the Rupe Foundation enough,” said nursing student Maira Gudino.  “The access we have to the equipment and technology gives us the confidence we need to succeed in the real world with real patients.”

Students said the new grant further guaranteed the continued success of the program and future students.  “The donations have been put to great use,” said Adrian Espindola.  “We have the best technology in our labs and classrooms.  It has been such a rewarding experience to be a part of this program.  It’s nice to know future students will receive the same opportunity.”

For more information on Hancock’s CNA program call (805) 922-6966 ext. 3384 or email tawnya.karstrom@hancockcollege.edu.

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Caption: Certified nursing assistant students at Allan Hancock College practice lifting a patient out of bed with a remote-controlled total lift, which was one of many pieces of equipment purchased through previous grants awarded by the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation.  The CNA program has received a new $37,500 grant from the foundation to provide scholarships during the 2014-15 school year.

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