Hancock Launches DegreeWorks

It's an online tool that helps students track their degree progress.

MARCH 25, 2014 -- Students at Allan Hancock College can now monitor their classes and degree progress at any time online.  The college has launched DegreeWorks, which allows real-time tracking of students’ academic progress using their most current data.  The web-based program is available through myHancock and can be accessed online both on and off campus.

“Students told us they wanted more control and access of their college experience,” said Richard Partida, a student success specialist at Hancock.  “We listened.  DegreeWorks allows students to see their information from anywhere with Internet access.”

The program provides an electronic audit of a student’s progress toward a specific degree.  The audit tracks completed courses and credit hours that apply toward a student’s degree, as well as what degree-specific courses a student still needs to take.  It allows students and their advisers to plan what courses the student should take several semesters in advance.  Counselors, who will also have access to student pages, can leave notes on the page for the student to see.

Students also will be able to view their grades and grade point average, estimate how long it will take to graduate and what courses count or do not count toward their majors.  The information in DegreeWorks is updated every night.  Any updates, such as grade changes or classes dropped or added, will be reflected in a student’s audit on the following day.

“DegreeWorks is designed to enhance academic advising; it does not replace face-to-face meetings with a counselor,” said Yvonne Teniente-Cuello, the department chair in Counseling.  “Counselors hope students who access DegreeWorks on their own will come in prepared with questions so that the counselor/student interaction is as efficient and effective as possible.”

The program does not allow students to register for classes or request an official college transcript.  Both of those actions are also accomplished online, but through separate processes.

Students can access DegreeWorks by logging onto myHancock and clicking the “Student” tab.  From there, click the “MyDegreeWorks” link.

“The program is very user friendly.  I am confident students will quickly see the benefits of DegreeWorks and the ability to track their academic progress 24-7,” added Partida. 

The college plans to hold workshops and informational sessions in the coming weeks.  Information on how to use DegreeWorks is available on the official Hancock website at http://www.hancockcollege.edu/counseling/dwFAQ.php.

For more information on DegreeWorks or the upcoming workshops call (805) 922-6966 ext. 3293 or email counseling@hancockcollege.edu .

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