Options for Busy Students: Short-Term, Eight-Week & Saturday-Only Classes

All are offered this fall.

JULY 14, 2014 -- Do the demands of work and family make it difficult to focus on your education?  Check out the variety of courses offered by Allan Hancock College this fall.  Choose from one- or two-day classes, or attend class on a Saturday.  Or, enroll in an eight-week online class.  Allan Hancock College is offering more than 80 such classes this fall.  All of these, and more, are options designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Thirty-one classes are offered on Saturdays only, including grape growing, apprenticeship training, ceramics, business, drama, early childhood studies, emergency medical services, paralegal studies and theatre.

Eight-week online classes, of which there are 47, run from Aug. 18-Oct. 10 (Term 1), or Oct. 18-Dec. 5 (Term 2).  Course offerings include anthropology, business, office technology, keyboarding, computer science, economics, EMT refresher, English, environmental technology, fire technology, global studies, history, humanities, personal development, political science, psychology, sociology and speech.

Short-term classes (those lasting less than eight weeks) begin at various times throughout the semester and include art, early childhood studies, emergency medical services and law enforcement training.

For classes beginning Aug. 18, students can registeronlinethrough Aug. 17.  Registration with an add code begins Aug. 18.  For classes beginning after Aug. 18, students can register online up to the day before the first day of class, space permitting. 

Details about Fast Track and all other fall 2014 credit classes are available online.  Visit the Allan Hancock College home page at www.hancockcollege.edu and click Class Search.  Class Search provides real-time information and allows students to search 24/7 for the classes they need.  Search options include term, subject, time of day, location, credits and more. 

New students must first apply to the college before registering in classes.  Access the online admissions application from the home page by clicking Apply & Register.

Students new to Allan Hancock College this fall, and some continuing and returning students, are required to take a START assessment prior to enrolling in credit classes.  START is a process developed by Allan Hancock College to help students succeed in college.  The assessment is not an entrance exam.  Anyone 18 years or older who can benefit from instruction is eligible to attend AllanHancockCollege.  Students with certain qualifications, including students taking classes for life-long learning or those with degrees, are exempt from assessment.  For assessment requirements, dates and times of testing and a complete list of exemptions to assessment, please refer to the AHC Testing Center website (Quick Link “Testing Center”), or call 922-6966 or toll free 1-866-DIAL AHC (342-5242) ext. 3364. 

For registration information, call 922-6966 ext. 3248 or toll free in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, 1-866-DIAL AHC (342-5242) ext. 3248.

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