Lights, Camera, Action for Fine Arts Department in 2014

Variety of film and video production classes are being offered, along with other classes in art, sculpture, ceramics and more.

JANUARY 10, 2014 -- Allan Hancock College is offering students a chance this spring to attend the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and plan Hancock’s 40th annual Film Festival.  FILM 386 (Film Festival Production Lab) is one of several spring classes offered by the fine arts department.

Spring semester classes start the week of Jan.21.  Registration is open until Friday, Jan.24.

The film and video production program trains students how to write, produce and edit narrative and documentary projects.  Former Hancock students have gone on to produce and direct documentaries, feature films and television shows at the national and international levels.

FILM 105 (Film and Television Writing I) teaches students how to write screenplays and character sketches.  FILM 125 (Computer Video Editing) teaches students how to edit digital movies by combining video clips.  FILM 386 (Film Festival Production Lab) offers students the unique opportunity to plan and produce the college’s annual Film Festival.  The class curriculum includes an overnight trip for students to attend the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which this year will honor director Martin Scorsese and such stars as Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Thompson, Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker.

The art department is offering nearly 40 courses this spring aimed at training a student’s visual perception, technical ability and knowledge of design.  ART 101 (Art Appreciation) is an introductory course on how the visual arts are an expression of thought and culture.  ART 112 (Design Color Theory) allows students to learn what color is through the study of theory.  Students learn how color effects people physiologically and psychologically, as well as how to manipulate color to create desired effects and illusions.

There are also beginner classes for sculptors, ART 164 (Sculpture 1), or for advanced potters, ART 161 (Ceramics 2).

People who love to dance can find their rhythm in DANC 130 (Beginning Jazz) or DANC 140 (Beginning Folklorico).

These are just some of the classes offered this spring by the fine arts department.  For more information about these and other fine arts classes, go to and click Programs of Study.

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